Overcome A Fear of Motorway Driving. How New Or Nervous Drivers Can Quickly Build Up & Increase Driving Confidence.

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Driving titles include the following:-

Motorway Phobia Some Startling Statistics

Whilst doing some driver research recently I came across something startling called ‘M-Phobia’ or to give it, its full title of Motorway Phobia – a fear of motorway driving. Apparently thousands of drivers www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk/hypnotherapists/garry-webster in the UK, but especially young drivers and women are far more likely to suffer from motorway phobia, than any other category of driver.

According to recent survey figures produced by AA/Populas research in June 2009, only 44% of those aged 18-24 and 44% of women said they were confident about driving on UK motorways. Other surveys also suggest that many people lack the driving skills needed to deal with motorways with nearly 20% of men and 40% of women avoiding motorways altogether during the first year of driving after passing their tests. For some drivers this fear never goes away for even after a 3 year period, there are some 11% of men and 28% of women who have still not done any motorway driving after passing their initial driving test.

Yet accident statistics produced by the Department of Transport consistently show that the UKs’ motorways are one of our safest types of road to use.

What Are M-Phobia or Driving Fear Symptoms?

So I asked myself, why is this? Is it because there is no legal requirement for new drivers to take instruction on motorway driving and therefore because they have not had any training on this type of road it is easier to just avoid the dilemma of travelling on a motorway? Perhaps it is the speed or size of vehicles using the motorway and the amount of traffic that puts people off? It’s really hard to say. But what is real to many M-Phobia sufferers is that their fear of motorways (lack of confidence, feeling a bit scared, anxious or stressed) can manifest itself in to some very uncomfortable physical responses – pains in the chest, dry mouth, palpitations, abdominal pains, headaches or excessive sweating. All of a sudden before you know it, just the thought of going on to the motorway causes a panic attack.

Helpful Read – Motorway Driving Made Easy eBook

So, once you have decided you’ve got M-Phobia, what can you do about it?

Well there are a number of solutions, many do not involve drugs, pain killers, tablets or any form of medical treatment, but as a first step for newly qualified or nervous drivers I would recommend an e-book entitled Motorway Driving Made Easy. (Available soon via Amazon). This e-book has been written by an ex-road traffic police officer with first hand experience, to help those who suffer from anxiety, stress, lack of driving confidence and those other symptoms mentioned above that are related to a fear of motorway driving. If this e-book is read and followed chapter by chapter it is the first step to help you overcome any fears or anxieties you may have developed over the years by showing you how to build up your confidence to drive on the motorway. After each Chapter take a break and give yourself time to think about what has been written and how much sense it makes to you. Try and visualise what is happening and from your own knowledge of motorways, as you know them, tell yourself ‘I CAN DO THIS’. When you see how easily you can do what is being said your confidence will increase and when you start practising your skills on the motorway for real and start building up your actual driving experience you’ll wonder why you ever questioned yourself about it in the first place.

What’s So Special About This e-Book?

There’s lots of advice in this e-book which focuses upon the critical areas such as how to merge with existing traffic safely; making use of the 2 second distance rule; how to deal with slow moving vehicles especially at roundabouts; recognising and dealing with bad driving habits; an in-depth explanation of the use of motorway lanes and how to prepare and plan for long journeys.

There’s even a chapter on weather conditions and what to avoid. By reading this chapter it will help assist someone to make a decision as to whether to make the trip or not, to think about the possible outcomes and it gives an insight into the responsibility that drivers should have to themselves as well as to others before considering making a journey in hazardous conditions.

The Motorway Driving Made Easy eBook answers most questions posed by ‘newbies’ to the UK motorway network, with selected points further highlighted by actual photographs of motorway infrastructure and a series of Hot Tips that emphasise important points that should never be forgotten.

The e-book is designed to help increase newly qualified or frightened drivers awareness and knowledge of the UK motorway system in order for them to begin to de-sensitise to the problems they are facing and therefore reduce those fears and anxieties.

Take Your Time, Build Up Your Confidence Slowly

It is absolutely essential that motorway phobia suffers take things slowly and build up their confidence gradually in the use of the motorway system. As the e-book suggests take someone with you and have someone with you as many times as you want but make sure they already have motorway experience in order to help you with developing yours. It just takes a bit of time and you’ll soon begin to enjoy going wherever you want using the fastest route possible, not the congested A roads because you are too frightened to get on the motorway.

I think newly qualified drivers or those who have a fear of motorway driving, need to be more organised, plan ahead a little and if needed ‘visualise’ what you want to achieve, that is, complete your journey safely and in a relaxed state. Once you have made your plans then don’t forget to put them into action!

Other Methods of Overcoming Motorway Fears Can Be Helpful Too!

If after reading this e-book you end up thinking about driving on the motorway but feel yourself getting pensive, uptight, anxious or start to experience any of those other symptoms mentioned above, it may be that you need more professional help. For instance, advanced post test driving courses are available in the UK such as the PASS PLUS and Motorway Driving Courses via a qualified driving instructor or you could try and benefit from a fear of motorway driving self hypnosis tape – for full details click here: Overcome Your Fear of Motorway Driving

Also, don’t dismiss other kinds of relaxation methods such as listening to a relaxation/confidence tape, yoga or meditation etc and don’t forget to utilise them regularly prior to your first trip or indeed any motorway journey. You’ll be surprised at how helpful they can be.

However there is no substitute for experience and an e-book cannot conquer all your fears but it will allay some of your anxieties and show you how you can progress to driving on the motorway with confidence.

Remember you’ve completed the hardest part, passing your driving test, using the UK motorway system is just a matter of building up your experience and confidence……..and you are not alone, everyone has to start somewhere.


Dating Tips for Women Over 30

So you are over thirty and can’t seem to find love. Fret not because these dating tips will help you find your dream date.

As soon as you reach thirty, you might start thinking that https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chinese-Women-Dating/1539378639610183 you won’t be having much luck in finding your dream man. But don’t worry, being over thirty should not put you on the panic mode. You will be glad to find that there are a lot of decent, kind and available men who is looking for someone to love and that could just be you. You don’t have to do anything drastic. Just get on with these proven dating tips for women over 30. These strategies are similar to dating tips for women in general which will give practical tips and eye-opening insights for inspiration.

Dating Tips

For Women Over 30

#1: The first and the foremost tip is that you should not sound desperate. Desperation proves to be a total turn off for guys, so try to adjust your perception as well as your attitude. Do not think that being unmarried till this moment is a tragedy but think of it as a God send opportunity for another chance to make the right decision. You will be surprised to see how much you have matured since you were in your twenties. Also don’t try to have a preconceived image of your Prince Charming like those of a favorite celebrity. Don’t make the mistake of trying to change your man to fit your preconceived image. It’s high time to get real.

#2: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Looking beautiful is every woman’s birthright. If you are hoping to get the man of your dreams and feel that your age is working against you, make sure that you at least try to look like presentable and feminine. Take proper care of your appearance, maintain good hygiene. Wear dresses that makes you look stylish and attractive.

#3: Lastly, if you are really hoping to win a husband, make sure that you are really serious or genuine in your decision i.e. you are not wasting your time by dating guys until you find your Mr. Right or guys who are too young to commit or those who not established and cannot support even a family.

For Older Women

Nowadays for women in their 50s and 40s, age does not matter while dating. You can find that any kind of relationships are workable regardless of whatever maybe their age, gender and social status. Dating tips for women over 50 are similar to that for women over 40. By this stage these women are well established, confident and very well aware of their needs and demands. As a result they may also tend to have sky-high egos. So try to check your egos and approach them with the right attitude. If you are dating a younger man, the age question is definitely bound to crop up. But don’t let that be a hindrance to your relationship. Talk to them and don’t feel shy.

For Online Dating

One of the easiest way of finding a guy are the online dating sites. But are you fed up of sitting all day in front of your computer in the hope of getting a message from a handsome person but nobody has contacted you so far? The tricks of finding the perfect person are the same and there is no need to get frustrated. You may think that the men on the online dating sites are not genuine. But you may be totally wrong. Don’t set unrealistic expectations and don’t expect that you will find the man of your dreams within a month after you have posted your profile. You will definitely need to plan your approach with the right attitude.

So these were some of the best dating tips. Make an honest assessment of the way you are living and make whatever changes are necessary for finding your dream http://www.chinalovematch.net/ man. You will definitely find him.


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�81—mQ��˜e(b)C��p…n�A�)&��n�=~�r–��Y +�#e��.K depakote birth defects r’zv�’��Y?�M�G���K�,�v‹l“ש�`�;�t�(.�XoQ@�šï¿½ï¿½#�(l�Ÿ ƒ=[�‹ï¿½ï¿½X?Z$�T�”�“E7T���‚V���R[�W�ۀ�WCIi‹ï¿½ï¿½ m��s�� X,��_ /��(bmb�‰ï¿½ï¿½“��<��! �):A xl�?o�C�K�(�Sؿ�y�����U�V�u.³ †mR�Mb�2b”šï¿½ï¿½›ï¿½ï¿½O��’z–�q�…] m,��h(�”S[��,O���g�co�DO)�5��%~‚_S�L5��C™ï¿½¹Œï¿½ï¿½D����…�w��D��Ÿ†ï¿½ï¿½›&k’?_‹?��6�qO�œ™“˵/)�1&�—Ò¯H�#�>�.=��������‘Y4”JgZG…b��’j =‹ï¿½|#���ŒŠï¿½ï¿½œï¿½ï¿½4�{,‚X��—�‹ï¿½[V�|N�h�jI�&—y�������P�+q�=dZ‡ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½Ÿ‚�֞ g���b�‰ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½N�i����,=��O4�•ï¿½ï¿½cN������Z�q�œi‚�\*—�@9��C’�—���C��‰ï¿½ï¿½Ð»Ú¼H�~† e�;*�‹n)FBŸï¿½M�kKe�;=t._��n��m`���dy`�(��WZ‚�‘�9��3›ï¿½4*<9�šï¿½~���:��AW�#G{�5�>��X�-�…‡Q�›ï¿½™ï¿½f�@…��D�~�™ï¿½-ō��U+�Ÿï¿½|�:ѳV‰œï¿½ï¿½ï¿½‡u���+&�ځ�����„b Ƹ

Survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts: Never leave home without CELOX – Buffalo Sports

Survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts and people everywhere are encouraged to add CELOX products to their first aid kits and bug-out bags. Hospital- and battlefield-tested, FDA-approved CELOX is a revolutionary treatment for cuts and bleeding injuries and is proven to stop bleeding fast — even for individuals on blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix or Pradaxa. CELOX also works in hypothermic conditions, a significant benefit for those who hunt, hike, work or engage in other activities outdoors.

CELOX technology was originally developed as a professional medical product to assist military medics treating some of the worst wounds imaginable. It’s used in Afghanistan and Iraq and has helped save many lives. It can stop lethal femoral artery bleeding with three minutes of compression and stop minor bleeding within a minute. CELOX products are pradaxa lawsuit available exclusively in North America at www.celoxonline.com and through select retail outlets.

CELOX products are the only hemostatic agents that, when used correctly, have been proven to work 100 percent of the time, absorbing fluid in the blood to form a gel-like plug. The adhesive-like action of CELOX seals the wound and controls bleeding quickly and effectively, and unlike other hemostatic agents, it does not sting or burn, it cannot enter the bloodstream and CELOX easily washes away with water or saline.

“Whether in a survival situation or with my family, I would never take a chance on an inferior product that may not work,” stated former Navy Seal Joe F. from Western New York. “CELOX is proven and when used as intended has never been known http://www.youtube.com/user/USFoodandDrugAdmin to fail or underperform.”

CELOX products — safe and approved for adults, children, pets, horses and livestock — are military strength and medical grade and are available in a variety of packages including granules, gauze rolls, gauze pads and nosebleed dressing. Multi-pack combinations are also available. For more information, please visit www.celoxonline.com, email info@celoxonline.com or call 1-866-992-3569.


Couple Sues Pfizer Over Birth Defects from Zoloft – San Diego First Aid and Safety

The fire of lawsuit against Pfizer doesn’t seem to come down, as the pharmaceutical giant is again sued by 10 different couple over its failure to disclose information of associated risk with the antidepressant drug Zoloft. The complaint was https://www.facebook.com/pages/Depakote-lawyer filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia by 10 plaintiffs who are couple and have children. The case was filed on September 7 2012, however, the case becomes a point of discussion after the Court sent the case to Zoloft MDL that is meant to consolidate federal Zoloft litigation and streamline the legal process associated with the drug.

The plaintiffs have accused the drug maker Pfizer of concealing relevant information which is of utmost importance for babies growing in the mother’s womb. According to the complaint filed by these plaintiffs they have children who were born with serious birth defects allegedly caused by the mothers’ ingestion of Zoloft during pregnancy. According to the complaint filed by these plaintiffs their children suffered from a number of serious birth defects including pulmonary issues, cardiac defects and other associated abnormalities due to the ingestion of Zoloft by their mothers during pregnancy.

The lawsuit that was filed by plaintiff and their legal counselor states that “Pfizer knew from preclinical studies and subsequent published studies that dangerous birth defects were associated with Zoloft use during pregnancy, Pfizer’s failure to disclose this information was willful, wanton, and with intentional disregard to the health and safety of consumers, and caused serious and permanent injuries to minor plaintiffs.”

On the basis of severity of the impact in long run to the children, the plaintiffs have framed charges of fraud, breach of warranty, failure to warn and strict product liability against the drug manufacturer. The legal representative of the plaintiffs argued that looking at the nature of the victims who were minor the drug maker should be charged heavily and that fair compensation should be given to the plaintiff and victims for the harassment that they suffered.

About Zoloft: Zoloft is an antidepressant which is sold across the United States to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and other neurological disorder. The drug belongs to a group of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which is being widely prescribed by medical practitioners and doctors in the United States.

Side effects associated with Zoloft may include:

Stomach pain, Upset stomach and constipation

Dizziness, tired feeling and drowsiness

Dry mouth

Impotence or decreased sex drive

Some other drugs that may react with Zoloft and can cause severe harm to body are

digitoxin (Crystodigin)

fentayl (Actiq, Fentora, Duragesic, Onsolis and Abstral

lithium (Lithobid, Eskalith

valproate (Depacon, Depakene);

warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP);

���(5��…m��Œ¿½b’Q~-U›ï¿½‡)��6–1,D �–�$u‡ï¿½9ף�C�I��U�†ï¿½Œ5Y�E�\����X��OU#�ӭ�•y Û “�JCÐ¥gXŠmbŸš-‹ï¿½=šï¿½ï¿½ï¿½]��D��•Q=4P��c–’r�y�nCTh���Ey�l�ԏGz�Ÿ.\:��›%q�•ME9g/v=�g.�‘‚(–x� ��1J2y��2@�����Z�—��2RaD�$F�/���r=�V`�‘&��L�3���_�›˜ï¿½×²™#5‹ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½l’�ށ��Բ�Cg5ɳ� 9�ˆ.c���—�þ–ˆ‘��„U�R[L�UO@G.�œ;�‡$m�>HE[�`tIGװ�`RC”qy�#)ˆï¿½+���L��%����TUy���4”@s�G��xm�X—���� ��„�&�f(�‡ï¿½xO�j�,�?�+�ƒ8�/—in��f�Ÿï¿½ï¿½˜p���p�ˆï¿½TÈ«2 ��vY�CF#=�k�6m���/�ªÍ­6k�m��X��l‘��w�Ա2:�„ ۯ�c�D[���X…e@��d[\��AD��Fc=a��‹ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½‚���DYD ���j*�yY7эq�!�J�†ï¿½y��0-�“ŅK�K9h<‘�ŧ F�( ���„�9‡ï¿½ï¿½kŒï¿½G7�ti��—bB�’-’�L��oK���D¸ï¿½Œï¿½›’Wx–ƒk���t���]�>�›’��Œï¿½œA%��b•ï¿½.š“—”—IKTo�QA`–>+��ɥ.�x�ˆO�S�Wz‹ï¿½X.idšï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½>x�2$��šƒï¿½?�hˆï¿½=�E���Z‹ï¿½z���xg�pcWǺaWo!��t!�WoŠï¿½ï¿½1YM���!’)b�.��:X.Em�B6W�—‘‡ ��‘�Ÿï¿½p�GzR��’-.O‡ï¿½ �ȴ�_+)N˜3�–���%�� �/–� ����s�+‡Œï¿½bS�u�ƒï¿½E�4�“�+M�S� 7œ“�B:�����+eX�-�V��w��<�e:U�z;WŠi’z��Šj�)�”Orŝ›E��q�ƒï¿½ï¿½v�o-k;‡v�nqť̢r�•ï¿½K״�ŠYj�l���p#��1M��N��-�n%�����-g�w”^�—n�‰ï¿½)�“+(�‚�]E )^\�‰z�!t�•šï¿½rl���>T��9%J2�uK3iW��0��*†d�Œï¿½?q�•ï¿½3^o��‘Æ¢’���‡ï¿½*_�hh http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/depakote _;—3F�-7Q’�S=E��Bva&yB�p����*V www.facebook.com/pages/Depakote-lawsuits/824873577556818 1c=�g8œ”�7���]�ŠO�Sm’��ˆY—�ˆg�M�+f��ɱ�RŒï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½gb�H�”;�‡ï¿½6phbSR,�S?��n�M[6��Bv����L��…�w A3i��~t =/�^���˜‡ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½_K��Qڣ�“\„�ɱld��X�<ɬͶ�0x�A˜•ï¿½3�.[=,gX†;?Z�‰k���˜ï¿½•”~�]Ý°BƢ�„17��T.�a3��/b�ˆï¿½˜ï¿½ï¿½C�Kw��(’�D‚t–ͽH�‰Š˜L���wnP‡N�e�‡ï¿½l�3>(�Œenƒï¿½ï¿½ï¿½!��X��’�u�–��i�H��\M˜ï¿½™\�r͠����>�Lœï¿½c=�dX�`]Šï¿½ï¿½ï¿½W3���SsU�X%�wG�[y� �†ï¿½Ic�/z��0‘���k��Ix�j� (,™x�����cmsK�*ZsK����.c�—��f�[��@X”kN5ML��u����-2�������o�\P‡YZj(�Be�‚*�’�ƒ‘#���t��98��N*�?�=Y…˜ï¿½ï¿½‰ï¿½Šƒï¿½ï¿½ï¿½GŒQ�n��’E�Gzx�Haeݐn[�2sg�d�O���/N�‰ï¿½7s��E�†ï¿½9V�:��MjJ�(–����”ɳ��@);-��dŒPuϧ1��›‡ï¿½5=7zXAj�n�@J#�e�p‹“lQuRpp�f�›ï¿½1m��:1�“Yj�ٯuoC(�.��gL�&��:�4��@…���0q��Ees‘��5�uŠ.ƒï¿½&���W�N�’� ���, aM’h.7�‹ï¿½L�$“^�K�™ï¿½fw)‰ï¿½n*‹o��^›%‹ï¿½h)��wfR�:h’k#ǝ.���’��M�-ŠC�™ï¿½ï¿½—Ø¢‡‹ b(t9�Œï¿½+�Zf�$ƒï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½75+ ����H3���5ƒï¿½A�•ï¿½@�N�@���f�anšï¿½ï¿½<�R�xW{��Y���:–&HP�DÞ¼4�v��‘{lw�9�_J&jg�DNh���cEO[�7�L��˜ï¿½RSM��\93�ei—6Ò¹e��#8F�”S-`2†ï¿½9–.{�sA�>�M”�ƒ|ic�IW�L� �����y���z�7�.�X�G4p�8��0.qC˜ï¿½kz ����̲[:��n\e�m��7�ƒdi0�E�`��ql’��h����V�R‡ï¿½;Z�$�›ï¿½ï¿½•[�‡N‰9T�B�m���8 �›ï¿½(y�Ҥ���s›ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½aF�F›ˆ—��@W-CŒï¿½=�V�34s����t�NU-��q��d�Gsw1s���Œ%�,{�V�J�����:��/ 7�H’9VsE�~1 �m”~�‰ï¿½^�”r”���7$…tk�šï¿½ï¿½ï¿½HŸj,�]Œï¿½ï¿½ï¿½“�-�RBE��~R–��”�6�v9�—���,��~E2��^��”�™ï¿½ï¿½™ï¿½B�‹ï¿½?9�b��D�ty‚Z���{ˆx�@–~C���x�hGY��D�‘�n�”q�‡ï¿½–�RŒQ�o\�˜ï¿½w!�7��B’k^��2˜;@3šï¿½ï¿½O��~)™&��b���� �& w9�^�œq:Y)a�DO��†,�, lnBX�����K��TM�M�[�’’�� ���•Ø¢&����<�=�‰ï¿½ï¿½jN7�٦~Kšï¿½lRw��)�”��Ÿc���v–����s�&�‰Œï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½TM��W�!�A‚Irg��J%�!D�†)���’��b�šï¿½{�‚[Q�roA�?�^™’�M—SM0�M�i‚�ŠZ8�� ��–>;diGg��ƒï¿½†‘šI-=†kr.��>����Dl�3�4bJ)S��.�Šï¿½,�*3���~v��&”�(b�;���*5ձ���:�`�I˜P�&���‚ŒS“�rv� •ï¿½ï¿½“�‹ï¿½M��35�‰h�R‰ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½P’�,��LOW�nb›ï¿½ï¿½K†”u��@xˆï¿½Œ6s���||���b�Ey�U”9��“�� 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Web Hosting Services – HubPages.com

Web hosting services provide server space, web services and file maintenance for web developers and web site owners. Hosting services are available on a subscription basis with many free or very low cost service plans available with shared hosting services for a personal web site or blogging site. Web site owners that prefer to have their own dedicated server can lease or buy these through web hosting services as well. E-commerce web sites require more complex web hosting services such as shopping carts, product catalog management, customer relationship management, site security such as SSL and payment gateway or merchant account. Read more about the criteria for selecting a good web hosting services provider in this Hub.


Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

by houseofjcjee (29 followers)

Whether you need a basic package or a more complicated one with a dedicated server, there are hundreds of web hosting companies that offer balance between features, performance, support, and price.

http://turing.iimas.unam.mx/~comdig/resource.php?source1=Reuters%2FNYTimes&page=1 src=”http://s1.hubimg.com/u/3122926_100.jpg” alt=”” />8

How To Set Up A Live Test Server For WordPress

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This article discusses the idea of setting up WordPress as a live test server, for novices that want to learn WordPress. A live test server gives you the opportunity to learn and test themes and plugins, and in fact,…


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A Guide To Offshore Hosting

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Offshore hosting is a booming industry. More and more companies are finding out that they can benefit from online storefronts, web sites, and internet resources without the usual hurdles associated with an in-house…


Dedicated or Cloud Servers: What’s Best for You?

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When it comes to hosting solutions, there are two options that can be considered forerunners: cloud and dedicated server hosting. To know what works for you best, you should know what your requirements are.


3900 Income.com pro review – scam?

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3900 Income.com is very cheap but is it a genuine home business opportunity or a scam? I joined in September 2010. Since then I have been paid to my AlertPay account automatically at the end of each month. I have…


Exabytes Web Hosting Malaysia – Honest Review

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In this article, I’m going to review one of the best web hosting company currently available in Malaysia – Exabytes Web Hosting. As usual, I will keep everything simple and neat. So, do not worry if you’re…


Webs vs. Weebly

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Have you heard of the free website hosts/makers Webs and Weebly? They are similar to each other, but there are a few things that make them very different. In this Hub, I will tell you what those differences are and help…


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How To Make Money Online, Blogs and More.

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Blogging with blogger is the easiest way to start. I recommend using Hubpages to enhance your blogging experience. The journey of earning money online is a long and tedious one. Don’t give up.


Best HIPAA Compliant Hosting Providers

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Problogger Tips – Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

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Whether you have an information blog or website, or an e-commerce or online store, it is important that you choose the right type of web hosting that matches your blog or website’s need.


Webhost And Domain For Free

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Right free web hosting, as you probably know most of these company’s are financed by adverts that get displayed on your site by the hosting company, when you host with them


Cheap VPS Webhosting under 5 USD

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This article is about a selection of companies that offer cheap vps webhosting under 5 USD. First of all, i want to warn you that these cheap vps packages arn’t 100% stable and shouldn’t be used to store your main money…


Free Unlimited Web Hosting (Full Featured)

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Before creating this free web hosting service, we tested close to 100 free hosting services and none of them really met the requirements needed to effectively run a website stress free. Even those that were 95% close to…


Easy and Peaceful Ways to Defend Yourself Against Solicitors

Sometimes, even the most-patient person can be pushed too far. Life has those moments that if they happen in a continuous sequence, can cause a rational person to lose their temper, go from calm to a raging manic and even worse, shout vulgar threats to the origin of the pressure.

Every one of you who are reading this story has at sometime, had to use firm actions to regain your freedom and peace of mind. Am I right or wrong?

I would be safe in saying that the vast-majority of us have been visited by those unwanted solicitors who are selling some “new” and “money-saving,” apparatus that will eliminate housework altogether or a series of religious-based books written by some mortal man in 1779 who was met by an angel in the Rocky Mountains and given the enlightened-text in these books that go for only $54.00 per month for 36 months.

SECRET SALES STRATEGIES REVEALED: Which sounds longer, 36 months or 3 years? Of course the 36 months to our reasoning sounds less than 3 years.

And the $54.00 a month, which the salesman quickly says (to head-off you having time http://www.illinoislegalaid.org/ to think), is a “severe discount,” and the salesman then gets a fake disappointed look on his face and adds, “Friend, I am taking a huge loss on these books at this price.”

Now you are foaming at the mouth–groping for the pen in his shirt pocket to sign the sales agreement, shaking “Howard” the salesman’s hand and inviting him to have dinner with you and the wife.

Did you hear that, “Cha-Ching,” the familiar sound of a cash register?

Well, I am on your side. I am here to help you keep your freedom and peace of mind by simply offering you these . . .

10 Safe and Peaceful Ways to Defend Yourself Against Solicitors

10.) ACT SCARED – as if the salesman is an escaped gorilla from a traveling circus. Only peep through the door, then look terrified and slam the door. So long to the annoying solicitor.

9.) CROSS YOUR ARMS – and do not say one word. Keep that angry frown on your face. Do not answer his aggravating questions. Soon, after you crack your knuckles, he will leave in a cloud of dust.

8.) OPEN YOUR DOOR – wearing your wife’s bra. That should be enough to send the solicitor packing.

7.) YELL – “Take cover,” as you open the door, and run like a wild man across your lawn and deep into your neighborhood. Tell your wife and kids to not come out of the bedrooms until the solicitor leaves.

6.) LET THE SOLICITOR – finish his sales pitch, then grin and reply, “Sorry, mister. I do not even live here and listen to me. You don’t know me. You didn’t see anything.”

5.) MEET THE SOLICITOR – at the door wearing a gorilla suit. Beat your chest, act angry, and start walking https://www.facebook.com/pages/Solicitors-Mansfield/1529625413926064 toward him. But try hard not to laugh as he squeals his tires as he storms out of your drive-way.

4.) BEFORE ANY SOLICITOR – knocks on your door, learn a few Portuguese words. No matter what the solicitor says, you reply something in Portuguese while shrugging your shoulders. The solicitor will not stay when he sees he cannot sell you anything. And even if he is of Portuguese origin, keep on confusing him with your Portuguese replies and shoulder-shrugs.

3.) HOLD YOUR PET BASSET HOUND – in your arms and when the solicitor asks you if you are interested in his product, act like you are whispering to your pet Basset Hound and shake your head and say, “Sorry. ‘Mr. Busby,’ advises me not to buy those things.”

2.) PUT UP A NEON – sign on the front lawn that flashes, “No Solicitors At Anytime”

1.)ASK THE PUSHY SOLICITOR – “You want me to call the F.B.I.?” And stand there. Do not say another word. He might call you a few ugly names as he leaves, but he is leaving.

Now that you have read my story, could I interest you in some “Easy Tips on How to Write Hilarious Hubs,” like this one?


White House Considering Plans to Expand Temporary Legal Status for More Immigrants : Immigration Impact


The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that the White House is moving forward on plans to expand deportation relief through executive action to roughly 5 million immigrants of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. The plans could offer immigrants temporary legal status, similar to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Officials told the paper that there are two options being considered:

One option would allow immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizens to apply for temporary legal status which would let them work legally in the U.S. Because children born in the http://www.youhavealawyer.com/malpractice/hospital/ country automatically receive U.S. citizenship, that option could affect about 5 million people, researchers estimate.

A second option would be to allow temporary legal status for the parents of young people already granted deportation deferrals by the Obama administration. That would affect a smaller, but still sizable, number of people.

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer said at an event Friday that executive action on immigration will happen at https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-win-no-fee-medical-solicitors/273296899530142 the end of the summer.

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How to Fight a Traffic Ticket


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Traffic tickets are annoying. They cost money and negatively affect your insurance. If you get a ticket you don’t want to deal with, consider taking the case to court and disputing the officer’s allegations. Here are three important parts of the ticket-fighting process.

1. Be Polite, But Not Apologetic

When the officer pulls you over and asks if you know why he did so, respond politely with, “No officer, I don’t.” Don’t admit to being guilty by saying “Yes, because I was (insert violation here–like speeding),” and don’t say anything sarcastic or rude–no matter how annoyed you are.

At the same time, you don’t have to be apologetic. Apologizing is also an admission of guilt. That admission can be used against you in a court case. If the police officer reports you admitted to violating the law, the judge will have no reason to dismiss the charges.

2. Take Notes

When the officer hands you the ticket, examine it for accuracy before he walks away. If you see incorrect information, politely ask the officer to correct it. If he refuses to, take a mental note of the needed changes. Once he has left, take notes on the situation–write down the current weather and traffic conditions, and record exactly what happened.

If possible, record the officer’s badge number and patrol car license plate number. You can approach questions about his allegations in one http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/comm/free_speech/nytvsullivan.html of two ways:

First, you can ask questions about what type of device he used to determine you were speeding (if the ticket is for speeding), where he was positioned when he saw the violation, and so on. If you ask these questions, the officer will suspect you are going to challenge the ticket, and will take lots of his own notes to use against you in the case.

The other option is to ask the officer if you can handle the ticket by mail, and then later file a Motion of Discovery. That way you can get the relevant information, but the officer won’t have a reason to take a lot of notes and build up his side of the case.

3. Prepare for Court

If you are facing charges with significant fees or jail time, you will want to find a traffic ticket lawyer. You will need to spend a good amount of time building your defense, which will be stronger if you have professional legal help.

On your court date, show up for court in professional attire, and plead “not-guilty.” Be sure to have a good attitude in court and avoid any admissions of guilt–direct or indirect. If the police officer doesn’t show up for the court date, the case will typically be dismissed. Some things that decreases the chances the officer will show up include:

o A summer court date: an officer is more likely to skip the hearing if no win no fee solicitors in london they are on vacation.

o A far commute: if the officer is located far away from the courthouse, he may just let the case go.

o A change in the court date: officers typically schedule all their hearings on the same day so they can get them done at once. If you request a change of date, the officer may decide it’s not worth showing up.

If you are facing charges from a traffic violation ticket, evaluate whether or not fighting the ticket is a good idea. Will it cost more time and money to pay the ticket, or to fight it? If you fight the charge, follow the advice above and you just might get the charges dropped.

Author’s Bio: 

About the author: A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.


Do We Need Family Law Lawyers?

Life never ceases to amaze us and that is especially true when we have a family. As much as we would like to think that all things will go smooth, it is impossible not to deal with so no win no fee injury solicitor problems at some point. That is why we need family solicitors. They can assist in various aspects related to family law such as divorce, parenting problems, pre-nuptial agreements, financial settlements, mediation, wills and probate.

To be more specific, family solicitors can settle disputes that would otherwise escalate to unproductive conflicts for both sides. Whether you want to set things straight about child custody or claim some cash back after a divorce, they will be there to show you the path that is easiest to follow. Therefore, it is important to stop postponing the settlement of various family issues. Get in contact with a family solicitor as soon as possible and solve all your problems.

Particular care is required when the members of a family have to make some sensitive decisions about their children. If you are going through a divorce, you have to settle things in such a way so that children will not be affected by harmful separations or fights over custody. The sooner you consult yourself with a firm of family solicitors, the better.

But it is not just http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-27312080 custody battles that can tear families apart. Sometimes financial disputes can lead to unparalleled feuds. Many a kin have spent years arguing about wills and pensions. But an experienced family solicitor can put an end to all the fight. He will examine carefully all the evidence presented and determine who is legally entitled to get the covetable sum of money. The solution will comply with all the aspects of law and will be reached in the shortest period possible.

Most people try to understand family law on their own, thinking that they will need no assistance from a lawyer. But legal procedures are very tangled, especially if one takes into consideration the jargon of the legislation. In addition, family laws must be applied in a certain way or else they are not effective. Family solicitors are able to unravel the cases that seem difficult and complex. They will keep you in the loop with every step you need to take and help you reach a resolution that is satisfactory for all family members.

In brief, irrespective of the kind of family law you require assistance for, a specialized team of solicitors will be there to offer professional guidance. So, do not let time aggravate your family affairs. Find a reliable family law company and get their valuable assistance for your peace of mind and for the own good of your family members.

By: JacquelineBrewster

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

The association for Family Law Lawyers is committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, including divorce while working within Resolution’s code of conduct.


Raw Originated From The Grand Ballroom At Manhattan Center Studios

WWE Raw is a sports entertainment television program for WWE that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States. The show’s name is also used to refer to the Raw brand, in which WWE employees are assigned to work and perform on that program; the other program and brand currently being SmackDown. It is the only television broadcast for the Raw brand. The show originally debuted in the United States on the USA Network on January 11, 1993. It remained there until 2000, when Raw was moved to TNN, later known as Spike TV.

In 2005, the show was moved back to the USA Network.Since its launch in 1993, Raw continues to air on Monday nights. Raw is generally seen as the company’s flagship program due to its prolific history, high ratings, weekly live format, and emphasis on pay-per-views.Beginning as WWF Monday Night Raw, the program first aired on January 11, 1993. It screened on the USA Network for one hour. Of the wrestlers http://the-cheapestseats.com/wwe-live-events/ featured on that occasion, only two are still under contract with WWE: The Undertaker and Bret Hart.

The original Raw broke new ground in televised professional wrestling. Traditionally, wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows. The Raw formula was very different than that of its predecessor, Prime Time Wrestling.

Instead of taped matches, with studio voice overs and taped chat, Raw was a show shot to a live audience, with angles as they happened. The first episode featured Yokozuna defeating Koko B. Ware, The Steiner Brothers defeating The Executioners, WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeating Max Moon and The Undertaker defeating Damien Demento. The show also featured an interview with Razor Ramon.

Raw originated from the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios, a small New York City theater, and aired live each week. The combination of an intimate venue and live action proved highly successful. However, the weekly live schedule proved to be a financial drain on the WWF, and taped shows began airing every other week. From early 1994 to September 1999, Raw was shown live on one Monday and then the next day next Monday’s Raw was taped. This meant that Raw was live one week and taped the next.

The storylines and characters during the early years of Raw still had a healthy dose of the old Federation gimmick-heavy style. For instance, events occurred such as Irwin R. Schyster tearing up Tatanka headdress, the various Undertaker sightings in mid-1994 and characters like Duke The Dumpster” Droese, Doink the Clown, or Bob Spark Plugg Holly.

Raw, uniquely in its day, covered the unexpected, exciting moments, a prelude to the Attitude Era, in which it coined Raw as Uncut, Uncensored, Uncooked. Some of those moments include Razor Ramon losing a match unexpectedly to The Kid or Marty Jannetty beating Shawn Michaels to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Raw also was the first WWF television program of any kind to show footage of Lex Luger bodyslamming Yokozuna at the USS Intrepid.Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett and Macho Man Randy Savage served as the original hosts of Raw.

Sean Mooney conducted the interviews and Bobby The Brain Heenan also helped contribute. On April 19, 1993, Rob Bartlett made his final appearance on the program. He was dropped from the broadcasting team and was replaced by Bobby Heenan the following week, who remained until December 6, 1993, when Gorilla Monsoon kicked him out of the WWF. In reality, this was a storyline between Monsoon and his close friend Heenan, who decided to leave the World Wrestling Federation in order to lighten his travel schedule and because he didn’t want to take a 50% paycut.

Raw also originally featured the Raw Girls; ladies who would parade signs around the ring in between matches that often used the term Raw in a pun . After about a year, Raw moved out of the Manhattan Center and traveled to various regular Federation venues in the United States. In mid 1995, Raw briefly showcased Dok Hendrix and the Raw Band; a musical performance in between segments on the show.

About the Author:

Amanda Harrison is the author of http://www.wrestlingforum.com/ Ticketsinventory.com . Ticketsinventory is a leader tickets market search engine that enable Ticket shoppers to easily find, compare and buy WWE Raw Tickets sports tickets, theatre tickets Wrestling Tickets plus other events tickets.

My review of the Meal Replacement Shake Diet

When I had moved to Los Angeles nearly seven years ago, I was in my early twenties and my weight tended to stay in the range of 115 lb. to 120 lb. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to think too much about what I was eating because I exercised daily and I was born with a tall, slim build. However, the metabolism of my early twenties did not prepare me to age. My habits of eating processed foods, dining out, and not caring about portion  control soon began to catch up with me. My bad eating habits compounded with me working in an office, writing in http://www.weightlossshakereviews.com/slim-fast-meal-replacement-shake-review/ my spare time, and exercising less eventually led to me gaining fifteen pounds. I was fairly comfortable at my new weight of 135 lb., but then I was given good advice from someone who had experienced something similar to what I was going through. Like me, she had great metabolism in her early twenties, but after college, she slowly started to gain a few pounds every year until those few pounds became 30 lb. on her petite frame.  “Be careful about the “whatever” mentality,” she advised. “Or one day you’ll wake up and realize that those few pounds added up to something a lot more.”

Even though she had given me something to think about, it was only until last winter when I saw a picture of me with chubbier cheeks did I finally decide to break out of my “whatever” mentality. I began to limit how often I ate out, and I was more careful about reading food labels. However, I was still having trouble controlling my portions and finding the time to prepare healthy meals  so I decided to try meal replacement shakes. I ate whatever I wanted for breakfast and dinner, but I stuck to replacing my lunch with a shake four days a week. I did this from January 2014 to March 2014, and I’m happy to report that I lost 15 lbs (about one pound a week). Below is a before and after how this change affected my face:

I tried four meal replacement shakes, and my favorite was the Kellogg’s Special K protein shakes. They taste like a milkshake, and they are good at room temperature or chilled. The bad thing about these shakes is that they have a lot of sugar, but I still prefer them because at least I enjoy drinking them daily.

My next favorite shake was the Nutrisystem shake. It actually was low in sugar, and it tasted good. However, from its packaging, it appears that it is intended to be more of a snack instead of an actual meal replacement so keep that in mind.

My third favorite is the Slim Fast shake. Like the Kelloggs’ shakes, Slim Fast has a lot of sugar. However, it does taste like a milkshake so that helps. With all of these shakes, I tend to buy the chocolate flavors because I prefer those the most.

Lastly, I tried Muscle Milk’s protein shakes, and these were my least favorite. The shakes should have been a solid choice because they had 20 grams of protein and less sugar than Special K and Slim meal replacement shake Fast, but I hated their chalky taste. The shakes were very unpleasant, and I found that it was hard to finish a container. If you’re looking for a low sugar option, grab a Nutrisystem.



Inexpensive ($1.50-$2 a bottle)

Fast amount of weight loss (Some sites say you can lose weight even faster replacing two meals a day with a shake, but I don’t recommend that. See the cons below.)

Has a balanced amount of nutrients

High amount of sugar in some brands

You’re getting your nutrients from a processed food, not from real healthy food.

I had headaches and low energy the first month of my diet from the drastic cut of calories.

You lose weight, but you aren’t teaching yourself long term habits. (I gained five pounds in two weeks after stopping the shake diet. I am now back on the shakes to retain my weight loss. That’s something to think about…)


Eating fresh healthy foods is always preferable, but if convenience is important to you, then the shake diet may be a good short term solution.

If you have any questions about my shake experience, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any long term dieting tips for people like me that crave convenience, please share below.


Ultimate Wrestling Strength Reviews


Your rating: None

Power and conditioning for wrestlers has received to be structured for being dynamic in nature. You see wrestling can be a sport that consists of a lot of motion and intense bodily exertion. You do not need to have me to tell you this, having said that I am shocked at how a lot of wrestlers that know this are cheap wwe tickets lacking this highly factor inside the scope of their power products.

I do not attention if you’re seeking strength and conditioning with the amateur, collegiate, or specialist stage you will need to implement exactly the same principles. Your actual physical instruction need to at all times contain lifts and actions that integrate multi-joint workout routines. These drills must also promote muscle growth, power, and energy. Lifts and exercises that fall under this category involve items for instance kettlebell education, olympic excess weight lifting, and plyometric drills. These are all great techniques for creating your whole body for pace, strength, and explosiveness. Better of this that you choose to do http://www.24wrestling.com/ slightly more it is possible to anticipate to take care of your competitiveness.

By engaging in a smartly deliberate power and conditioning method you not simply far better by yourself for any productive efficiency, but you also toughen the body by generating it not as much susceptible to injuries. It is specifically vital when searching on the sport of wrestling and grappling. By engaging from the lifts and movements that I pointed out previously you promote the pure advancement of your respective human body’s individual’s advancement hormone (HGH) which is necessary inside the enhancement of all athletic capabilities. This will rapidly enhance your actual physical progress and pace up the progress within your wrestling efficiency.

In case you haven’t definitely commenced to implement a well created strength and conditioning approach within your wrestling application then you are only hurting by yourself. Do not let the competitors beat you up. Get a head start on them nowadays by engaging in kettlebell lifting, olympic bodyweight lifting, and plyometric drills. Think cost-free to find out additional by accessing the remainder of my content on the subject totally free. Do not forget that most everyone can prepare hard, but only the champions prepare good my companion!

Click Here to GO Ultimate Wrestling Strength

Author’s Bio: 

it comes to health and nutrition, Patti Clark is a health and wellness researcher and writer for people and


‘Spider-Man’ Musical Returns to Stage – Is It Safe?

The “Spider-Man” musical is back, despite a bad fall! “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” show has officially returned to the stage. This news comes just days after a report of a tragic accident involving one of the stuntmen who works as the hero. The http://www.lyrics.com/abba stuntman fell nearly 30 feet while performing a stunt for the Broadway show.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 28: Actor Reeve Carney leaves the theater after the opening night preview of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark at the Foxwoods Theater on November 28, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images) According to ABC News, “Spidey” is now back on stage, as they pulled off a “mishap-free performance on Thursday night”. ABC notes there were a total of four actor injuries and other major delays prior to the musical’s start date November 28, 2010. Conan O’Brien even spoofed the show on his TBS late night program, showing various superheroes and villains wearing neck braces, casts and in wheelchairs. Obviously not a joking matter after the recent fall.

The musical is called “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark,” although some may want to call it “Spider-Man: Watch Your Back”. The show reportedly costs $65-M and is backed by music from U2’s Bono and Edge. However, in recent weeks there have been numerous accidents reported by various members of the cast. The latest incident with the stunt man falling and breaking his ribs has been the most serious, so far. It left many wondering if the show would go on.

The question now becomes is this good or bad news for the “Spider-Man” musical? It’s clearly an expensive production. But with so many injuries reported, it leaves many wondering if it’s safe to give continuous Broadway performances. One audience member even noted about his recent viewing of the show:

“It’s like going to a NASCAR (auto) race. Everybody’s looking for an accident to happen.” That’s likely not the effect they were going thecheapestseats- mamma mia for, but “Spider-Man” has always been saving others from danger. Can the show’s hero save the Broadway musical from being shut down?


Academy of Country Music Awards 2011: Taylor…

Taylor Swift beat out Miranda Lambert and many others to win the title of Entertainer kenny chesney fan club of the Year at the 46th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. She appeared to be incredibly shocked http://www.digplanet.com/wiki/Billy_Currington_discography by her win. She was quite thankful to the fans because they are the ones who voted for the award.

Although Miranda Lambert won big at the ACM Awards 2011, she wasn’t able to pull off the ultimate win because fans picked their favorite Taylor Swift. “American Idol’s” Ryan Seacrest was on hand to present the award.

Seacrest said that it was a huge night for “American music,” and not just country music. He also announced that the most votes ever had been cast for the Academy of Country Music Awards category of Entertainer of the Year.

Her fans were thrilled this evening because she also took the stage performing her song “Mean.” The crowd loved the performance where Swift played the banjo.

Taylor Swift takes her place among many amazing performers including last year’s winner Brad Paisley, and multiple winners Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks. Were you surprised about the ACM Awards 2011 outcome? Did you vote for Entertainer of the Year?

Academy of Country Music Awards 2011: Taylor Swift Wins Entertainer of the Year

© Copyright: News Today Online by Kate James at Gather.com

Courteney Cox Engaged, Courteney Cox Engagement Ring, Fiance – Style News – StyleWatch

Courteney Cox, 50, announced her engagement to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, 37, on Twitter Thursday. But the night before, Cox gave a clue that an announcement might be forthcoming when she flashed a glimpse at her new hardware while out on a date with her fiancé at Craig’s Restaurant in L.A.

RELATED PHOTOS: See even more star engagement rings here!

-Alex Apatoff

Stylewatch Style News Now

Turns out, being “engaged to him” has some fun perks — including some gorgeous new jewelry!

She mostly http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_expensive_is_a_red_diamond kept her left hand entwined in McDaid’s, but when she went to drive away, a second ring was visible under the chunky silver band she always wears. It appeared to be a super-thin, delicate band with pavé diamonds set with a large emerald or princess-cut diamond (we’ve been studying photos all morning and can’t agree on a cut!). Walking into the restaurant, she appeared to be trying to keep the ring under wraps, but by the end of the night, her pretty sparkler was on full display.

Are you excited for Cox’s big news? How pretty does the ring look? Tell us in the comments!

Courteney Cox engagement ringFameFlynet

Coincidentally, Cox and her BFF Jennifer Aniston are now planning weddings together — and though their rings couldn’t be more different, the two have similar styles and have fallen for rocker-esque younger guys, so we can’t wait to see how their irish engagement rings big days turn out. And we’ll confess, we’re hoping for a reprise of this memorable Friends bridesmaid look.

06/27/2014 at 10:40 AM ET


Should Fans Boo at the WWE Hall of Fame? – Yahoo Voices

Whether you are attending the entire Wrestlemania Week, which includes Wrestlemania Axxess, The Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania, and more, or whether you are only attending a few events, you may decide that you want to attend the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is a ceremony where the World Wrestling Entertainment inducts WWE performers of the past into their own Hall of Fame.

Those who work in the WWE, their families, and of course the fans all come together to celebrate these performers going into the Hall of Fame. They dress their best and sit down to honor those who are being inducted, as the inductees make their speech and accept this honor. You may hear some clapping and cheering towards the presenters, inducting, and speeches. Clapping and cheering is how much is wrestlemania tickets one thing, as you are doing it to show a respect and happiness towards whoever is on the stage. However, I would say to keep the cheering down to a minimum, and do not cause a disturbance, even if you are doing it to be nice. But unfortunately, you may also hear some booing as well, which is usually geared towards the person who is presenting the next to be inducted.

But if they are clapping or cheering, then should the fans also boo at the Hall of Fame?

My answer would be no, absolutely not. It may be wrestling and it may be entertainment, but this is not a traditional wrestling show. Booing someone you do not like is fine at an actual event where they are wrestling and putting on a show at the crowd. But at a ceremony such as this, it is not okay. Wrestlers are usually just playing a character during the show. Not everyone likes a wrestler or the character they play, and may boo them at an event. But at the Hall of Fame ceremony, there are no matches, no characters, or no gimmick. They are coming together as themselves and celebrating the wonderful careers of those who are in the spotlight for the night. Booing someone at this http://www.24wrestling.com/vince-mcmahon-hulk-hogan-react-ultimate-warriors-death/ event is not booing their in-ring talent or gimmick, you are booing THEM. Yes, some characters are just their real personalities turned up a bit, but this is not a show where those personalities are turned up. This is a show where everyone is being themselves completely. To boo, curse, or chant anything inappropriate during this event is disrespectful to those who are in attendance, those presenting, and those who are being inducted. I am sure those being inducted do not want to hear those who are inducting them being booed off the stage.

To me, when attending this the WWE Hall of Fame, we should dress our best (not in jeans and a wrestling t-shirt), keep the negativity to ourselves, and be civil and respectful to those in attendance (even if we do not like the), for this is meant to be a special occasion for all.


Popular Country Songs by Miranda Lambert

The Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains are regarded as the original bearers of this blend of diversified musical forms, which is known as the country music. Who can forget the top musical sensational Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks, who took this music to all new different levels? 2006 was the year when the genre of country music received utmost fame and popularity. Country music has to its name attached a sale of 36 million worth country albums, during the first six months in the United States. Sallie Gooden by Fiddlist A.C. (Eck) Robertson was considered to be the maiden recording of country music in the year 1922. From then onwards, the journey has been running its course for almost a decade now and reaching to about 77.3 million listeners every week.

Best Country Songs

I Run to You – Lady Antebellum

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

Strange – Reba McEntire

It discountliveevents.com/miranda-lambert Won’t Be Like This for Long – Darius Rucker

People Are Crazy – Billy Currington

I Told You So – Carrie Underwood

Sissy’s Song – Alan Jackson

She’s Country – Jason Aldean

Out Last Night – Kenny Chesney

Sideways – Dierks Bentley

It Happens – Sugarland

Sweet Thing – Keith Urban

Summer Nights – Rascal Flatts

White Horse – Taylor Swift

Don’t Think I Can’t Love You – Jake Owen

Big Green Tractor – Jason Aldean

Feel That Fire – Dierks Bently

God Love Her – Toby Keith

Alright – Darius Rucker

Love Story – Taylor Swift

Just Got Started Lovin’ You – James Otto

Letter to Me – Brad Paisley

Do You Believe Me Now – Jimmy Wayne

Cleaning This Gun – Rodney Atkins

Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It – Darius Rucker

Love is a Beautiful Thing – Phil Vassar

You Look Good in My Shirt – Keith Urban

Good Time – Alan Jackson

I Still Miss You – Keith Anderson

Home – Blake Shelton

Just a Dream – Carrie Underwood

Do You Believe Me Now – Jimmy Wayne

Down The Road – Kenny Chesney

Every Other Weekend – Reba McEntire

Gunpowder & Lead – Miranda Lamber

I’ll Walk – Bucky Covington

It Ain’t No Crime – Joe Nichols

It’s Good To Be Us – Bucky Covington

I Saw God Today – George Strait

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven – Kenny Chesney

She’s Everything – Brad Paisley

More Than a Memory – Garth Brooks

Take Me There – Rascal Flatts

Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney

Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) – Dierks Bentley

So Small – Carrie Underwood

Our Song – Taylor Swift

Lost in This Moment – Big & Rich

Find out Who Your Friends Are – Tracy Lawrence

Lost in This MomentBig & Rich

Good Directions – Billy Currington

Moments – Emerson Drive

Ticks – Brad Paisley

Online – Brad Paisley

Love Me If You Can – Toby Keith

Ladies Love Country Boys – Trace Adkins

Watching You – Rodney Atkins

Get My Drink On – Toby Keith

It Just Comes Natural – George Strait

Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean

Believe – Brooks & Dunn

Brand New Girlfriend – Steve Holy

Come A Little Closer – Dierks Bentley

Feels Just Like It Should – Pat Green

Get Drunk And Be Somebody – Toby Keith

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – Trace Adkins

I Can’t Unlove You – Kenny Rogers

I’ll Wait For You – Joe Nichols

Like We Never Loved At All – Faith Hill

Little Bit Of Life – Craig Morgan

Life Ain’t Always Beautiful – Gary Allan

Leave The Pieces – The Wreckers

My, Oh My – The Wreckers

My Wish – Rascal Flatts

Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do – Van Zant

Size Matters (Someday) – Joe Nichols

The Seashores Of Old Mexico – George Strait

When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley

Why – Jason Aldean

Best I Ever Had – Gary Allan

Boondocks – Little Big Town

Don’t Ask Me How I Know – Bobby

Good Ride Cowboy – Garth Brooks

Homewrecker – Gretchen WilsonHow Am I Doin’ – Dierks Bentley

If Heaven – Andy Griggs

Just Might Make Me Believe – Sugarland

Long, Slow Kisses – Jeff Bates

I’ll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song) – Phil Vassar

Jesus, Take The Wheel – Carrie Underwood

Hicktown – Jason Aldean

Class Reunion (That Used To Be Us) – Lonestar

Don’t Ask Me How I Know – Bobby Pinson

If Something Should Happen – Darryl Worley

He Gets That From Me – Reba McEntire

Do You Want Fries With That – Tim McGraw

Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On – Neal McCoy

Drugs or Jesus – Tim McGraw

I May Hate Myself in the Morning – Lee Ann Womack

Great Country Love Songs of All Time

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Willie Nelson

Breathe – Faith Hill

Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

I Just Can’t Help Believin’ – Elvis Presley

Cold Cold Heart – Hank Williams

Don’t Take The Girl – Tim McGraw

Feels So Right – Alabama

Forever And For Always – Shania Twain

From Here To Eternity – Michael Peterson

Golden Ring – George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Help Me Make It Through the Night – Sammi Smith

How Do I Live – Trisha Yearwood

How Forever Feels – Kenny Chesney

I Believe – Diamond Rio

Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley

I Cross My Heart – George Strait

I Do (Cherish You) – Mark Wills

The Wonder Of You – Elvis Presley

I Love the Way You Love Me – John Michael Montgomery

Spanish Eyes – Elvis Presley

Well, that should do it for some of the best and popular country songs, for now. So play these numbers and enjoy your heart dance to their tune!


Energy Drinks and Children Could Amount to a Dangerous Concoction

While the brightly colored cans are kid-friendly, the contents are not.Spotting a young person nursing a can of a popular energy drink, like Red Bull or Rockstar, has become commonplace. Many children have embraced the novelty of drinking caffeine-infused beverages, most of which are contained in vibrantly designed cans.

However, medical experts suggest that these understudied energy drinks can have adverse effects on a youngster’s body. Children with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes and epilepsy, are at an even greater risk of experiencing an “energy drink overdose.”

A wealth of content suggests energy drinks and children do not mix

Using a compilation of data, authors in the medical journal Pediatrics warned of the potential side effects of the overuse of caffeine or similar substances, like herb guarana. According to Liz Neporent of ABC News, “Energy drink overdoses in children as young as 5 have been reported both here and abroad and in some cases have resulted in seizures, stroke and even sudden death.” Among http://loudwire.com/godsmack-seether-lineup-2014-uproar-festival-tour/ other documented symptoms were heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

There is a little-known caffeine recommendation for kids

Because children tend to be smaller, the amount of caffeine their bodies can tolerate is much lower than energy fest cheapest tickets the limit for the average adult. Less than 100 mg of caffeine daily is recommended for kids. Tara Harwood, pediatric nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic, goes on to explain that an the average 8-ounce serving of an energy drink has about 80 mg of caffeine, which is already close to the upper limit.

That tidbit should not negate the fact that many energy drinks are sold in 16 to 20 ounce cans. Presumably, many children will quickly guzzle the entire container; this alone will put a child over his or her daily caffeine limit. If energy drink intake is compounded with servings of soda and chocolate, the limit has been obliterated completely.

Children with chronic conditions should avoid energy drinks entirely

Healthy children could experience unpleasant or life-threatening effects from energy drink consumption, but young people with medical conditions are even more vulnerable. Children with epilepsy could be at a greater risk of seizure activity with caffeine overdose. Those with heart problems could experience prolonged arrhythmias or dangerously high blood pressure. Diabetic children could suffer from various effects of glucose disturbances or hyperglycemia.

Marketing of energy drinks should switch gears

While sale of energy drinks, like Monster and Rockstar, are not currently regulated, there could be something done superficially to make the drinks less enticing to a young person. With brightly-colored cans and edgy images, the beverages are practically designed for the younger demographic. So, toning down the packaging with more subdued colors may be a viable option.


Finding Local- Furniture / Apartment / Residential Movers Denver Colorado

Finding an experienced moving company for your local or long distance move in Denver Colorado can often be a daunting task if you dont know what to look for in the moving company while hiring one. It is here that Vosco Moving Denver can help with its dedication to deliver the best move you have ever had.

To begin with, you should have a clear idea of the common services that a moving company offers in order to select the one that fits your needs the best. Take a quick look at some services that most moving companies offer to make you move a hassle free affair:

Furniture Moving: Moving your household or office furniture can be a stressful affair, irrespective of whether you are a student living on a shoestring budget, have a busy family, or a business to take care of. Vosco Moving Denver offers you options to choose between full packing and unpacking services, and ensures quick delivery of your belongings at your desired destination.

Apartment Moving: Whether you want to move to your apartment rental in Colorado or desire to get your employees relocated to Denver, choosing the right company with experienced people and fair prices can help.

Residential moving: Moving your residence with all the valuables that you have amassed over the years can be tough without the right people by your side. So, if you want to go for local or long distance residential move, dont think twice before hiring the experienced people of Vosco Moving Denver.

Business movers and Office movers: Moving your business or office to or from Denver can become easy with experienced interstate movers, especially if you are planning for a long distance move.

offering proper auto transport and packing boxes to ensure that you valuables remain unharmed during the move is another important thing that you should consider while selecting a moving company. You may even opt for unpacking and unloading services if you dont have enough helping hands for the job.

So, to make your local or long distance move a cakewalk, you can hire reputed Denver local movers like Vosco Moving Denver.

About the Author:

Vosco Moving is a Denver, Colorado based Delivery and moving Company Denver. We specialize in residential and commercial moving james taylor concert services.


A Background In Effortless Methods For Boxing Sport

All take a lot of skill, training, and heart to compete in, but at the end of the day they only simulate real life combat. Some of our most popular boxing photos are our images of Muhammad Ali, thought by many to be the greatest boxer of all time. You won’t be required to spend hours with the kitchen. Latzugturm Straightforward boxing training Programs – An Update; sehr interessante Web-site, The two most common equipments in gyms that offer amateur boxing training is the speedball and bag work. It is here that kick boxing can unleash one of its various benefits.

It is just because in boxing, kids learn a sport as well as a self defense art. There is another option for hunters of every type of game. With deft footwork and blazing hand speed, they can slide in and do some damage and slip out before the other boxer can retaliate. A variety of competitions are organized in which thousands of athletes from around the world take part. He won the WBC Strawweight Championship, WBO and WBA Strawweigh Championship and IBF Light Flyweight Championship.

Although Mayweather refused to agree to the terms of the planned March 13, 2010 fight, our inside sources are now indicating the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will take place in 2011 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The quickness will also allow them to be able to move out of the way of punches much easier than other boxers. In the 1988 World Series of Major League Baseball, Kirk Gibson of Los Angeles Dodgers produced an unbelievable performance despite being injured, to eventually help his team to victory. This really depends on your budget and how often you intend to train. When you become quicker and more explosive, you’ll be able to turn the heat up on your workouts and your intensity will bring you enhanced development.

‘ You will lose even more calories if you maintain a healthy diet and keep your metabolism going with foods such as whole grains and fish that boost your metabolism. Majority of Thai locals can speak fluent English and are very http://www.hotelscombined.com/Place/Las_Vegas.htm accommodating to guests. Board Games are undisputed favorites on the web, which are basically online animated versions of the traditional board games of our real life like chess, Literati, Monopoly, Dominoes etc. Before an official Muay Thai fight, a ritual dance is performed as a type of prayer for safety and victory. It took over 100 years, but womens fast pitch softball flights to vegas became an Olympic event in 1996.

The UFC is great about free broadcast’s labeled ‘UFC Fight Night’ on Spike all the time. Not only will you see results instantly and look great, but you will FEEL great as well. Meal replacement shakes & night clubs often sampled bland and additionally left you hungry together with depressed by means of little to no weight loss. They easily gain that weight back on or after the event. Also during these three minutes you can if you wish do a little bit of shadow boxing.

About the Author:

Mein N?me ist ?ernadine from Tul?nd&X65;?n? tut mein &X6c;etztes Jahr Engin?ering in G&X65;n?er and Wo&X6D;en’s St&X75;di?s.

Ich &X68;abe mei&X6e;? Au?bild&X75;ng, &X68;offe gesicher&X74;en 87% und ?eman?en mit gleichen Interessen ?&X6E; Am?rican football zu fi&X6E;?en.

?e?n &X4E;ame ?st B&X65;r&X6E;a?ine% s?i&X6E;f?l?-names.&X64;a&X74;%. Ich b?&X6e; ?on ?ustralia. Ich fr?u? m?ch auf das ?tudium d?r Uni&X76;ersitaet (2.

Jah?) un? ich spiele d?s Bas&X73; Guita? fue? 3.

Ward Theatre, Kingston

Ward Theatre2Like so many old buildings in Jamaica, the Ward Theatre is a testament to the country’s long and interesting history. It has borne witness to many significant chapters in the country’s cultural and political development. Its cool blue color is a stark contrast to the bustling activity and colors of downtown Kingston. The theater is felt by many to represent the best of Jamaican workmanship and artistic vision.

The Birth of a Jamaican Landmark

In 1912 Colonel C.J. Ward gave the theatre to the city of Kingston as a gift. A competition was then held to find the best design for the new building. This was won by the firm Henriques and Sons, which was led by Mr. Rudolph Henriques. The Henriques-designed building was officially opened in December 1912.

Interestingly the spot where the Ward Theatre is located has been used even before then for other entertainment establishments. From as far back as the 1770s, that site was consistently used for various theaters. Before the Ward Theatre there was the Kingston Theatre which was destroyed by fire. This was followed by the Theatre Royal which was destroyed by the devastating 1907 earthquake.

A Showcase for the Arts

Since its first production the Ward Theatre has not looked back. The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan ran from December 19-21, 1912. By all accounts it was an elaborate production with costumes similar to those used at another production in London. At this time Jamaica had not yet gained its independence so British currency was still being used. The price of admission was 2 shillings for the gallery and 4 shilling for the dress circle.

Even popular Broadway plays made their way to the Ward Theatre. Touring companies from Europe and various parts of the Americas have honed their craft at this venue. Beginning in 1942, the local Pantomime opened at the Ward every year on Boxing Day, December 26. Unfortunately, this ended in 2002 because the theatre fell into disrepair. Many of Jamaica’s well known stage personalities have performed at the Ward Theatre throughout the years. Internationally known performers who have great time graced the stage include Paul Robeson and Charles Laughton.

Preserving a Piece of Jamaica’s History

Sadly the theater has not been given the kind of care it deserves, especially in light of its importance to the Jamaican cultural landscape. The Ward Theatre Foundation was formed in 1986 and operates without an endowment. A 25-year lease agreement was signed with the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) to operate the theater. A relatively substantial income is earned by renting the facilities to other groups. The Foundation http://www.didhelikeit.com/shows/off-broadway/cirque-du-soleil-amulana-reviews.html continues to raise funds from private sector sources to facilitate its efforts to restore the Ward Theatre to its former glory.


Address: North Parade Kingston

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Fax: (876) 922-0360


Carrie Underwood Concert Tickets – Why Everyone Wants Them! by Al Terry

Today, Carrie Underwood concert tickets are pretty hard to come by. It’s not uncommon to hear about people waiting in line for hours, just to get a couple of passes. Prior to American Idol, very few people knew about Underwood’s talents. She sang and performed in her local home town but she did not have national or international exposure of any kind. American Idol helped her gain a strong foothold. After this show, she continued to excel, which is why Carrie Underwood concert tickets are so much in demand today.

The Idol Curse?

Many people who buy Carrie Underwood concert tickets remember when she performed on American Idol on season four. The show is known for its drama and for contestants who may not sing very well but secure high votes nonetheless. Underwood distinguished herself early on as being a contestant who consistently delivered good performances. Along with other Idol winners like Kelly Clarkson, she was never voted into the bottom three as well. But the interesting thing about American Idol is that sometimes the winners end up losing after the show. On the other hand, many of the losers end up discount cheap concert tickets doing very well.

It’s no secret that some Idol winners such as Taylor Hicks have not had a good run after the show. Taylor Hicks won in 2006, but was dropped by his label in 2008. Kelly Clarkson, who won the very first season of American Idol, starred in a movie soon after which has since been rated one of the worst movies of all time. Quite the opposite, Underwood has had a steady rise to the top. This could largely be due to the fact that she has stuck to country music, which is her forte. She has also put in efforts to get more involved with her songwriting.

Some Hearts

Many people look for Carrie Underwood concert tickets based on the success of her debut album, ‘Some Hearts’. The album was a runaway success, spawning hit singles and making history as the fastest selling debut country album in the history of Sound Scan. Apart from appealing to fans that were already loyal to her from her American Idol days, this album won her many new fans as well. But with Underwood’s second album, she decided to become more involved in the process of songwriting. Already an accomplished guitar and piano player, she collaborated with a number of well-established songwriters for her second album. This album went on to become a double-platinum seller.

The demand for Carrie Underwood tickets doesn’t seem to be abetting. This could be because Underwood also devotes a lot of time to philanthropic activities. She recently entertained the troops in Iraq and collaborated on a pop country song with other stars for a cancer fundraiser. She has also initiated efforts to help her hometown and is especially fond of animals. Not only is she a vegetarian, she is also an advocate of animal rights. Given the high demand of Carrie Underwood concert tickets, you can simply order them online through an authorized ticket vendor. Some vendors also offer home delivery of tickets.


The First Wizard of Oz Musical

Before he began writing children’s books, L. Frank Baum worked as a playwright, an actor and a theater manager, though bad luck and accidents dogged his career. After The Wizard of Oz was published, Baum, a Chicago resident at the time, began working with composer Paul Tietjens on a musical adaptation that would be faithful to the book.

Baum Finds a Director

At first, no-one wanted to handle Baum’s script. Finally, Chicago director Julian Mitchell agreed to take on The Wizard of Oz with the understanding he could rework the script as he chose. Mitchell turned the Baum/Tietjens version into a musical “extravaganza,” a gaudy spectacle in which the story served as an excuse for songs and production numbers.

Mitchell’s version of Oz

In the show Mitchell created, the tornado brings Dorothy to Oz as a young woman, along with her pet cow, Imogen, and Pastoria, the rightful king of Oz exiled to Kansas by the Wizard years before.

The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Woodman join Pastoria’s quest to overthrow the Wizard. At the end, Pastoria wins back the throne of Oz and Dorothy wins the heart of Dashemoff, an Oz poet.

Baum has a hit

The Wizard of Oz opened in Chicago in 1902 to huge acclaim, and Baum admitted Mitchell’s flashy production worked much better than his script would have. The extravaganza opened on Broadway the next year, running almost 300 performances, then toured the country until 1909. Baum’s share of the royalties made him a wealthy man.

Montgomery and Stone

The secret of the show’s success wasn’t the script or the songs but the casting of vaudeville comic duo Fred Stone and Dave Montgomery as the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman respectively. Montgomery and Stone filled out their scenes with their vaudeville routines and added several touches, such as a wobbly walk for the straw-legged Scarecrow.

The Land of Oz

Baum wrote several more plays, but failed to find backers. Then it occurred to him that if he wrote a second Oz book and adapted that for the stage, he could have another hit.

Baum wrote The Land of Oz with the stage in mind, including an all-girl army for chorus numbers, special effects scenes, lots of puns and enlarged roles for the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman so that Montgomery and Stone could repeat their roles.

Exit Montgomery and Stone

To Baum’s disappointment, Montgomery and Stone tired of their roles after a couple of years and refused to recreate them in a new show. Rather than replace them in the parts they’d made famous, Baum created two new characters, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Woggle-Bug and made them the comic team.

The Woggle-Bug

The Woggle-Bug opened in 1905. Baum had followed Mitchell’s formula closely, but it wasn’t a style that suited him and the show soon closed. As one reviewer put it, it “failed to woggle.”

Stone’s impact on MGM’s Oz

Thirty years after the play stopped touring, it had an unexpected effect on MGM’s 1939 The Wizard of Oz. Ray Bolger had been cast as the Tin Man, but as a fan of Stone’s, he wanted to play tickets for wicked new york the Scarecrow, and convinced MGM to let him swap roles with Buddy Ebsen. When Ebsen proved allergic to the tin makeup, he was replaced by Jack Haley.

Oz Before the Rainbow by Mark Evan Swartz goes into more detail on the Mitchell play.


Haunted America & Annabelle The Haunted Doll: A Terrifying Case

Due to the nature of Lou’s experiences the las vegas jersey boys tickets doll was no longer believed to be a docile spirit but inhuman and demonic in nature. Donna decided to contact a priest. Bringing in the big guns seemed like the best way to go. Afterall they were fighting a paranormal war of sorts and had nothing to loose by doing so. Father Hegan was the priest they contacted. With his help their case was referred to the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“Ed and Lorraine Warren immediately took interest in the case and contacted Donna concerning the doll. The Warrens, after speaking with Donna, Angie, and Lou came to the immediate conclusion that the doll itself was not in fact possessed but manipulated by an inhuman presence. Spirits do not Possess inanimate objects like houses or toys, they posses people. An inhuman spirit can attach itself to a place or object and this is what occurred in the Annabelle case. This spirit manipulated the doll and created the illusion of it being alive in order to get recognition. Truly, the spirit was not looking to stay attached to the doll, it was looking to posses a human host.

The spirit or in this case an inhuman demonic spirit, was essentially in the infestation stage of the phenomenon. It first began moving the doll around the apartment by means of teleportation to arouse the occupants curiosity in hopes that they would give it recognition.Then predictably the mistake of bringing a medium into the apartment to communicate with it. The inhuman spirit now able to communicate through the medium, preyed on the girls emotional vulnerabilities by pretending to be a rather harmless, lost young girl with which during the seance, was allowed permission from Donna to haunt the apartment. Insofar as demonic is a negative spirit, it then set about causing patently negative phenomena to occur; it aroused fear through the weird movements of that doll, it brought about the materialization of disturbing handwritten notes, the symbolic drops of blood on the doll, and ultimately it even attacked Lou leaving behind the symbolic mark of the beast. The next stage of the infestation phenomenon would have been complete human possession. Had these experiences lasted another 2 or 3 more weeks the spirit would have completely possessed, if not harmed or killed one or all of the occupants in the house.” (“Annabelle, The Curse Of The Devil Doll.”warrens.net,Web. 2010)

An actual exorcism was placed on the doll before they left hoping it would rid Annabelle of the infectious demon. Least to say, upon the conclusion of the investigation Ed and Loraine decided the best course of action to prevent the spirit from doing further harm was to relieve Donna of its presence and take the doll home with them. They weren’t completely sure if the doll had been exorcised of the entity…..

I hope you enjoyed this article and should you ever want to visit the famous Annabell she can be found at the Warren Occult Museum in Moodus, Conneticut. The museum is run by Lorraine Warren, the famous paranormal investigator, and now frequent guest on the television show “Paranormal State”. Housed in a glass case at the museum you will find Annabell. Mrs. Warren relates that Annabell still moves about occasionally and is still known to make growling noises at unsuspecting visitors.

The Warrens have years of experience with the occult and all things paranormal. One of their most famous investigations was of the Amityville house. Another of their investigations was currently turned into a movie, “The Conjuring”. Check it out!

In the mood for more famous haunted dolls? Check out Robert!

Brad Paisley Records Songs for New Disney Film “Planes: Fire & Rescue”

You understand Brad Paisley features a passion for animation, right? Within fact, he’s been responsible for your excellent video pieces that will open up and also string collectively his live shows pertaining to years! He furthermore supplied a few songs for your Pixar features Cars and also Cars 2.

Well, Brad will be as quickly as once again operating together using his pals from  megaticket show, as well as this moment around it’s a bit much more personal. He is performing two songs for your upcoming big-screen feature Planes: Fire & Rescue, such as “All In,” which usually he wrote following hearing your story.

The film centers on Dusty—an air race plane whose damaged engine redirects him towards the world of aerial firefighting. the story holds unique meaning for you to Brad since his father, Doug, is a firefighter.

The all-star lineup regarding voices includes Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen, Hal Holbrook, Brad Garrett, Terri Hatcher, Stacy Keach, Cedric the Entertainer, Barry Corbin, Anne Meara as well as Jerry Stiller. And Also lest we forget, Brad himself will be supplying the particular voice for a pickup truck inside a place called Honkers Sports Bar.

Planes: Fire and also Rescue opens July 18.

20 Of The Best Country Workout Songs

Working out with music is an easy way to make the time pass faster. It keeps you moving and often times motivated to keep pushing through the workout. If you are a country music lover, those songs tend to be slower, sad and not good for workout use. However, there are a few good ones out there to use.

Personally, seeing as country music is my favorite genre, I believe that it does a body and mind good.

According to run2rhythm, there are many benefits of running with music.

stimulates speed to reach goals

helps maintain a breathing pattern

helps muscles relax http://discountliveevents.com/lee-brice-tour/ during long runs


Five Greatest All-Star Games in MLB History – Yahoo Voices

The All-Star Game has been the most anticipated All-Star game in all the sports. With the stiuplation of World Series home field advantage, it’s now the most important. Here are some of the greatest Midsummer Classics since they started playing them in 1933.

5th Best MLB All-Star Game: 1998

The 1998 Midsummer Classic came during the years of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire’s home run chase. As the game was held in Coors Field and home run totals were inflated from previous years because of the steroids issue, the 1998 Midsummer Classic became a fireworks display.

Runs were scored in every inning after the second. Despite getting out to a 2-0 lead and leading 6-5 going into the sixth, the National League bullpen couldn’t maintain the AL hitters as they lost 13-8 in what would become the highest scoring All-Star Game in MLB history. This was fitting during an era with so much power hitting numbers.

4th Best MLB All-Star Game: 1950

The 1950 MLB All-Star signaled a change of fortune for the NL, who had been 4-12 in the previous Midsummer Classics. Finding themselves down 3-2 going into the 9th, the National League tied the game with a Ralph Kiner solo homerun. In the 14th, Red Schoendienst hit a homerun that would propel the NL to a 4-3 victory in 1950.

3rd Best MLB All-Star Game: 1970

Amidst an extensive losing streak, the AL was determined to change their luck. Going into the bottom of the ninth, the AL led 4-1. Unfortunately for the AL, Catfish Hunter, Fritz Peterson, and Mel Stottlemyre combined for three ninth inning runs to send the game into extra innings. In the twelfth, The National League’s Jim Hickman drove in Pete Rose for the game winning run on a controversial play where Pete Rose mauled the catcher. The catcher was injured, and some spectators believed that the All-Star Game shouldn’t involve such aggression.

The 1970 Midsummer Classic is the primary example of baseball’s popularity in the 60s and 70s. Despite the postponement of the 1969 series that damaged the ratings, the 1970 All-Star Game became the highest rated All-Star game to date at 28.5 with a 54 share.

2nd Best MLB All-Star Game: 1994

This All-Star Game had everything you could want. Hitting, pitching, multiple lead changes, defensive gems, extra innings, suspense, late inning heroics, and a walk-off hit to end it in the tenth inning.

Down 7-5 going into the bottom of the ninth, Fred McGriff hit a 2-run home run to tie the game. Moises Alou would hit a walk-off double in the tenth to propel the National League to an 8-7 victory. The 1994 Midsummer Classic was also one of the last All-Star Games that the National League has won since the AL’s unbeaten streak that started in 1997.

The Best MLB All-Star Game: 2008

The 2008 MLB All-Star Game was great in two ways. The game itself was one of the most competitive in MLB history as it lasted nearly five hours and took fifteen innings to complete. On the contrary, what made the game special was just how bad it was becoming.

The AL won the 2008 MLB All-Star Game after Michael Young hit a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the fifteenth inning that drove in Justin Morneau for the winning run of a 4-3 game. This game resulted in numerous records broken, players making headlines, and nearly everyone got to play.

What made it so entertainingly bad?

The entertainment stemmed from Bud Selig’s ridiculous stipulation that the All-Star Game World Series home field advantage. In a game meant to reward the MLB’s elite, players and managers found themselves in some of the most intense situations they’d face all season.

Dan Uggla had one of the worst performances in MLB cheap boston red sox tickets history with 3 errors, 3 strikeouts, and a GIDP. Brad Lidge pitched a complete game shutout in the bullpen before giving up the deciding run in the fifteenth. Pitchers jeopardized themselves in their future starts after pitching excessive innings.

Had J.D. Drew been given the opportunity to add unto Dan Uggla’s miserable night at the plate, the 2008 MLB All-Star game would be the greatest exhibition or all-star game in sports history. Despite the near disaster, Bud Selig continued to deny any concerns over the possibility of a tie in the All-Star game.


Barry M. Bloom, “No Ties in Classic.” MLB.com. Jul 16, 2008. June 20, 2010

Baseball Almanac, “All-Star Game Television Ratings.” June 20, 2010.

Baseball Almanac, “1950 All-Star Game Recap.” June 20, 2010.

Baseball Almanac, “1994 All-Star Game Recap.” June 20, 2010.

Baseball Almanac, “1998 All-Star Game Recap.” June 20, 2010.

Baseball Almanac, “1970 All-Star Game Recap.” June 20, 2010.


The Wizard of Oz ~ A Political Statement?

Lately, while vacationing at a popular California beach hotel, popular for its beauty and allure to famous guests such as authors, celebs, and politicians, [1] I listened to an interesting bit of information. Could it be that The Fantastic Wizard of Oz, posted in 1900, was created as a political allegory to make a declaration? The late writer L. Frank Baum, when a constant guest at this seaside resort, composed various other publications while staying there and all of his writings are significantly presented throughout the resort gift shops. It went to one of these gift shop displays where I initially overheard this political theory.

While browsing in a present shop, I discovered a young woman talking to a senior married couple, and their conversation recorded my attention. I heard her say; “Did you recognize The Wizard of Oz was created to make a political declaration?” “What ?!” I thought as she proceeded, “The author utilized symbolisms within the story to emphasize. For example, the Scarecrow stood for the farmers who were considered ignorant so the personality really did not have a brain. Then there’s the Tin Man who stood for the industrialist without a heart, and the Wizard represented the lenders …”

Not intending to appear as if I were eavesdropping, although I was, I decided I would stroll away and discover out for myself if this girl was leveling or repeating a misconception. Could it hold true? Was The Terrific Wizard of Oz truly a remarkably composed emblematic literary portrayal of a certain political perspective? Or was it what I ‘d consistently believed, an incredibly created fairy story? Right here’s exactly what I discovered …

The Wizard of Oz Wizzes Again

The Wizard of Oz 1902 Musical

Credit: Wikimedia commons

he Wizard of Oz 1902 musical extravaganza scarecrow and tin woodman

In 1902, a musical extravaganza phase adaptation of The Wizard of Oz opened up to essential honor. Show business version was intended at fully grown audiences and differed a bit from guide. Baum had little say over the discussion adjustments composed by Glen MacDonough who poked fun at President Theodore Roosevelt, oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, Senator Mark Hanna, and others. One instance; when the Tin Woodman contemplates what to do if he lacks oil, the Scarecrow jokingly assures him by saying; “You wouldn’t be as terribly off as John D. Rockefeller, he would certainly shed six many thousand dollars a minute if that took place.” [2]

The (Wonderful) Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Dolls at The Del

In a 1964 short article, higher institution educator Henry Littlefield illuminated the concept of a political style with his short article The Wizard of Oz: A Parable on Populism. In it Littlefield chronicled Baum’s life, including his political impacts of the 1890s. He then systematically produced a solid argument to support the idea that characters, scenes, and occasions in the book were in fact meticulously crafted symbols of those very same political influences. [3]

Also the title of Oz is thought to be a political referral as “oz” is an abbreviation for ounce, a device acquainted to those which fought for a 16 to 1 oz ratio of silver to gold in the name of Bimetallism (an American political motion in the second half of the 19th century which supported the use of silver as a monetary requirement in addition to gold). Baum’s child, nonetheless, is mentioned to have actually believed his daddy acquired the name from a data cabinet identified “A – N and O – Z.”

The Wizard of Oz 1939 Film Trailer (1939).

Amazon.com Price: $127.90 Buy Now
(cost as of May 28, 2014).

This is the best collection for any Wizard of Oz follower. The collection includes the 3D model of the classic film in addition to the blu-ray and DVD discs. Plus a lot, a lot more.

Political Symbols.

Wonderful Wizard of Oz Book

AFRAID LION: There was a political leader called William Jennings Bryan in the late 1800’s which assisted the complimentary silver motion. The Cowardly Lion is claimed to stand for Bryan, who was viewed as having a loud holler however no bite or energy. When the Lion meets the Wizard for the initial time he sees him as a round of fire and “Could hardly bear to gaze after it.” When he attempts to go near him his hairs are singed.

CYCLONE: The twister is thought to represent political upheaval and the cost-free silver motion. It violently lifts Dorothy and Toto in their house and drops them “really delicately” in the Land of Oz, leading to the fatality of among both genuinely bad impacts in Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East.

DOROTHY: Dorothy is assumed to represent the American individuals or values. Of the 4 personalities seeking the help of the Wizard, she is the just one with an actual issue. When Dorothy complies with the Wizard he appears to her as an enormous head, “Bigger compared to the head of the most significant titan.” A likely photo to a na ve and innocent little citizen.

EMERALD CITY and EMERALD ROYAL RESIDENCE: Emerald green City stands for the Nation’s Resources and the Emerald green Palace, the White Home.

FLYING MONKEYS: The Flying Monkeys are thought to represent Native Americans. Their leader mentions to Dorothy “Once we were a complimentary individuals, living gladly in the woodland, flying from plant to tree, consuming nuts and fruit and doing equally we simplied without calling anyone master … This was several years ago prior to Oz appeared of the clouds to reign over this land.” This appears to parallel the quandary of the Local Americans whose land was taken by the Americans.

EXCELLENT WITCH of the NORTH and SOUTH: The Good Witch of the North stands for the employees of the north, and the Great Witch southern stands for the farmers southern. This contrasts the terrible industrialists of the east and the railway tycoons of the west. The folks of the North and South are ruled by great witches who are less powerful then the severe witches of the East and West.

KANSAS: The terrific gray meadow represented a harmful atmosphere which controlled everybody and everything except Dorothy and her pet.

MUNCHKINS: The munchkins need you now hit single were dwarfs which stood for the typical people and the Lollipop Guild is mentioned to stand for youngster work.

OZ: This could be taken an unit knowledgeable to those who defended the 16 to 1 ounce (oz.) ratio of silver to gold; a political hot topic in the 1890s.

SCARECROW: The scarecrow is believed to represent the western farmers. While his complaint was that he didn’t have a mind, he finished up being the most smart problem solver of the four travelers. When he first fulfills the Wizard he views him as a charming gossamer fairy, which shares the perception of a radical Kansas farmer.

SILVER SLIPPERS: In the book, the sandals that appear on Dorothy’s feet are silver as opposed to ruby. Silver connects to the monetary political issues. Farmers really wanted the value of a dollar to have actually a taken care of proportion of both gold and silver. Some have also speculated that the silver slippers represent the power to vote.

TIN WOODMAN: He stands for the industrial workers that were commonly dehumanized and the Industrialist with “no heart.” He was rusted and in the very same placement for over a year, which parallels the state of many eastern workers after the sadness of 1893. When he fulfills the Wizard for the first time, he learns him as an awful beast, which represents the made use of eastern worker after the difficulty of the 1890s.

TOTO: Dorothy’s tiny black pet dog, Toto, experiences the whole experience along with her. Toto is the one which discloses the Wizard for the fraud that he is and is thought to be an additional representation of the typical American people.

UNCLE HENRY: In the late 1800’s, there was a renowned farmer which was the editor of a leading ranch magazine. His name was Henry Cantwell Wallace, and everybody called him Uncle Henry.

WICKED WITCH of the EAST and WEST: Misery ruled both the East and the West. The Wicked Witch of the East represents the Populist view of wicked Eastern influences on sincere work. The Wicked Witch of the West is thought to stand for Head of state William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States and the last expert of the American Civil Battle to be selected to that workplace. He upheld the gold standard and marketed pluralism among ethnic teams. He beat William Jennings Bryan, who operated on the platform of the free of cost silver motion.

WIZARD: He can represent any of the head of states of the United States, from Grant to McKinley. The Wizard has the capability to be everything to everyone and just like a political leader, he offers individuals just what they want. At the end of the story we locate out the Wizard is just a “usual man” and it is appealing that he is from Omaha, Nebraska, a center of populist agitation. Some folks think The Wizard of Oz represents Mark Hanna, an American industrialist and Republican political leader from Cleveland, Ohio. He rose to popularity as the campaign manager of the successful Republican Presidential prospect William McKinley, in the U.S. Presidential election of 1896 and consequently became one of the most effective members of the UNITED STATE Us senate.

YELLOW BRICK ROADWAY: This represents the gold criterion, such as a brick of gold. The road of gold causes power. Dorothy walks on this gold roadway with silver sandals which together represents the Silver Criterion. It is fascinating that the yellow brick road does not enter the direction of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Remarkable Wizard Of Oz [Illustrated]2″/>Amazon Rate: $13.99 Buy Now
(rate since May 28, 2014).

Review the timeless story and decide yourself whether or not it is a political allegory.

You Be The Court.

In the years since Littlefield’s 1964 article, chroniclers, financial experts, literary scholars, or even movie producers have checked out and established possible political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; most of the public, however, takes the story at its stated value and sees it as a wonderfully created fairytale.

In his introduction to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum shows up to recommend that his story was a fairy story created “entirely to please youngsters …” Nevertheless, someone as brilliant and talented to intertwine political conviction with pure fantasy, concealed in such a great means that folks are still reviewing it over ONE HUNDRED years after it was published, would probably meticulously craft the intro.

You be the court:

Intro to The Remarkable Wizard of Oz.

By L. Frank Baum.

“Folklore, legends, beliefs and fairy tales have followed youth with the ages, for every healthy young person has a balanced and inherent love for tales wonderful, splendid and manifestly unbelievable. The winged fairies of Grimm and Andersen have made much more happiness to childish hearts compared to all other human developments. Yet the aged time fairy story, having offered for generations, could now be classed as ‘historic’ in the youngsters’s library; for the time has actually come for a collection of more recent ‘ponder stories’ through which the stereotyped genie, dwarf and fairy are done away with, in addition to all the awful and blood-curdling cases developed by their authors to direct a fearsome moral per story. Modern education consists of morality; for that reason the modern child finds just entertainment in its wonder stories and happily disregards all unpleasant case.

“Having this idea in thoughts, the story of ‘The Terrific Wizard of Oz’ was composed entirely to please youngsters of today. It aims to being a modernized fairy story, through which the wonderment and joy are maintained and the heartaches and headaches are neglected.” [4]

Political Declaration or Pure Fantasy.

So, is the story of The Terrific Wizard of Oz a political declaration or merely pure fantasy? Gee, so I could raise an enlightened Whiz … “We’re off to view the Wizard, The Remarkable Wizard of Oz!”

Oz, the Full Paperback Collection: Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 1; Oz, the Full Collection, Volume 2; Oz, the Comprehensive Collection, … 4; Oz, the Full Collection, Volume 5
Amazon.com Rate: $54.99 $30.32 Buy Now
(cost since May 28, 2014).

Want a lot more Oz? This collection includes 15 titles by L. Frank Baum. It is the excellent gift for viewers of every ages and followers of the Wizard of Oz.

Find Even more Interesting Articles Here.

Frankenstein: From Controversy to Traditional Arrangement Energy: 5 Kinds of Arrangements to Spruce-Up Your Yard http://www.infobarrel.com/The_Wizard_of_Oz_~_A_Political_Statement%3F

NASCAR odds for the 2014 Pocono 400, Jimmie Johnson favored – Newark Sports

The following is a listing of the chances for NASCAR vehicle drivers to gain the 2014 Pocono 400, which is being worked on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at Pocono Raceway in Long Pool, Pennsylvania.

As you could see below, Jimmie Johnson is see it here the preferred to win the 2014 Pocono 400. Jimmie Johnson enters the race having gained the last 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup races in Charlotte and Dover. Can he make it 3 in a row at Pocono?

For a list of the drivers with the most wins in this race see NASCAR drivers with the most wins in the Pocono 400.

NASCAR odds for the 2014 Pocono 400, Jimmie Johnson preferred

1. Jimmie Johnson – 5 to 1 odds

Jimmie Johnson is a deserving favorite this week. He gained this race in 2013, as well as won it in 2004, and he has 3 total success at Pocono. Integrate that with his current 2 race gain streak and numerous followers will certainly be betting on Jimmie Johnson this week.

2. Kevin Harvick – 6 to 1

Kevin Harvick is a close 2nd selection with odds of 6 to 1. Harvick has wins this period at Phoenix and Darlington, however he has yet to win at Pocono.

3. Jeff Gordon – 7 to 1

Jeff Gordon has a gain at Kansas in 2014, he’s gained the Pocono 400 a document four times, and he’s won at Pocono six times.

T-4. Kyle Busch – 8 to 1

Despite the fact that he has yet to succeed at Pocono, Kyle Bucsch is 8 to 1 chances today.

T-4. Brad Keselowski – 8 to 1

Brad Keselwoski has yet to win this race, yet he does have a draw the track and he gained at Las Vegas this season.

T-6. Matt Kenseth – 10 to 1

Matt Kenseth enters the Pocono 400 winless on the season, and he has yet to win at Pocono.

T-6. Denny Hamlin – 10 to 1

Denny Hamlin has succeeded this race two times, has four overall wins at Pocono, and he gained at Talladega this season. If you don’t like Jimmie Johnson today, Hamlin’s not a bad alternative.

T-9. Joey Logano – 12 to 1

Joey Logano gained the Pocono 400 in 2012, and he has wins at Texas and Richmond this season.

T-9. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – 12 to 1

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has yet to gain at Pocono.

T-9. Kasey Kahne – 12 to 1

Kasey Kahne succeeded this race in 2008, and he gained the Gobowling 400 here last August, yet he has actually not succeeded a race this period yet.

12. Tony Stewart – 15 to 1

Tony Stewart has two wins in the Pocono 400 (2003, 2009).

THIRTEEN. Carl Edwards – 20 to 1

Carl Edwards succeeded this race in 2005, has two draw the track, and he succeeded at Bristol this season.

14. Clint Bowyer – 25 to 1

Clint Bowyer has yet to succeed a race at Pocono.

T-15. Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, Brian Vickers – 30 to 1 each

No success for this triad in this race, but Kurt Busch has 2 wins at Pocono, while Ryan Newman has one.

T-18. Greg Biffle, Kyle Larson – 40 to 1

Greg Biffle owns a gain over the track.

T-20. Jamie McMurray, Martin Truex – HALF to 1

No success at Pocono for this set at FIFTY to 1 probabilities each.

22. Paul Menard – 75 to 1

No success here.

23. Austin Dillon – 100 to 1

Now gains here.

24. Marcos Ambrose – 200 to 1

Now gains.

T-25. Ricky Stenhouse, A.J. Allmendinger, Aric Almirola – 300 to 1

No wins below.

T-28. Casey Mears, Justin Allgaeir, Danica Patrick – 500 to 1

No wins below. For even more view 20 Hot pictures of NASCAR vehicle driver and design Danica Patrick in 2014.


Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield

Peeks of wedding celebrations that are hung on website (so are company occasions).

Children’s backyard.

Over the training course of 23 acres, you could walk from one kind of garden to an additional. In some components of the Gardens, there are indigenous Colorado trees that are 500 years of ages The Denver Botanical Gardens aims to link to prospects in distinct means: via colour, via a varied offering of plants, with browsings that are low for youngsters and browsings that are higher for adults. On-site horticulturalists are always readily available to visiting members of everyone to address problems on horticulture. The Gardens host musical performances and chatfield tickets various other pleasurable occasions which are specified on their schedule. During some parts of the year, specific arrangements are highlighted through special event flower-shows. Other seasons, site visitors are permitted to purchase specific kinds of bulbs and arrangement seeds. Lessons and camps are offered throughout the year for any ages, from kids to grownups. Art exhibitions are also held, with the peaceful charm of the Colorado foliage behind-the-scenes.

Educational presentation at the Earl J. Sinnamon Prospect Facility.

Bird watching and attributes tracks.

Some highlights of checking out the Denver Botanical Gardens are the amenities:.

Denver Botanic Gardens.

Denver Botanic Gardens has run over 50 years and is just one of the premier yards of the United States and a public site for the community and prospects to enjoy. The Chatfield area provides 750 acres of wild animals. Located in Southern Jefferson County, with the Deer Creek running together with it, Denver Botanic Gardens, is a non-profit company, supplying cost-free days to Colorado locals throughout the year. The Gardens serve as a design of preservation, as the organization is environmentally eco-friendly throughout, from water preservation to management techniques.

Denver, Colorado.

Denver is the capital of the South west state of Colorado. Simply east of the Frost Assortment of the Rocky Mountains, Denver was nicknamed the Mile High City given that of its altitude – one mile above sea level. There are virtually three million locals in the Denver-Aurora location. Founded as the capital of the state in the late 1800’s. Denver has acted as the third and final capital given that the statehood in 1876.


Annual Occasions: Corn Maize, Pumpkin Celebration, and Trail of Lighting.

Effects of Media Violence on Society

Effects of Violence on Adults

An average American child spends around 28 hours in front of the television in a week and could have watched around more than 150,000 violent scenes before he becomes a teenager. These acts of violence can be serious offenses like rapes, burglaries and even murders

Statistics about Violence depicted in the Media

Effects of Violence on Children and Teenagers

Incorrect Interpretation

And it’s not just cartoons or programs. It has been observed that more than 10% of music videos contain violence which can affect a person psychologically

Some experts believe that media violence can in fact be helpful for people to understand its effects and avoid indulging in violent acts. This phenomenon is referred to as catharsis. After discussing these points, I strongly feel that efforts need to be taken by the governmental authorities to have some sort of restrictions on media violence to prevent its disastrous effects on society. In fact, this is a collective responsibility and only by taking the right steps, at the right time, society can be saved from possible dangers of violence.

Adverse Effects of Media Violence On Society

Indifference Towards Violence

Many times, people who have been consistent viewers of violent stuff can become totally insensitive to incidents of violence. They may not feel any sympathy for people around them who are victims of any kind of violence, or are going through a lot of pain and agony in their lives. These people may not offer a helping hand to the needy which means that they have lost their humanity.

Media violence can lead people to interpret many things in the wrong manner. Many people, after watching violent films, do not understand that the films are meant for entertainment purposes and they take the incidents from movies too personally. This can lead to a feeling that the entire world is full of violence and pain which is not at all the case in reality. Incorrect interpretation can pose a major problem for kids who may be fearful of facing the outside world. This particular condition is termed as the ‘Mean World Syndrome’.

Over the years, technology has totally changed the life of human beings. There was a time when just ten percent of homes in the United States of America had a television set. However, this scene has changed substantially, and today, almost every home has a television set now. Television programs are viewed by people of all age groups for several hours every day, and it is quite natural that these programs have a psychological effect on people. Now, if these programs have something good to offer and are informative, then it will add to the knowledge and creativity of a person. On the contrary, if violence is depicted through them, then effects of the same on the human mind can be disastrous in the case of some individuals.

Programs shown on television, according to a study, display more than 800 acts of violence every hour. According to a study, violence is depicted in a fun or humorous way which is very dangerous as it can lead to indifference towards violence in children


Over the years, several psychologists have been repeatedly warning about how harmful the violence in television programs, video games and movies can be for children and teenagers. Many studies have proved that consistent viewing of violent scenes can lead to higher levels of aggression in children and teenagers. This may result in them being short tempered, unable to control their buy marlins tickets emotions and angry; at times being totally insensitive. Being verbally and physically abusive can have a harmful effect on a child’s growth and development, and he may not do well in academic and non-academic courses even if he has the ability and required skills. Since the things learned at a young age can have a lasting effect, there is a danger of young children turning over-aggressive and stubborn after reaching adulthood.

As discussed earlier, the impact of media violence on society is very dangerous and even adults are affected by it. Since adults have to work in professional settings, displays of unnecessary aggressive behavior can affect their career. This, going ahead can again lead to stress and depression. The effects of violence on adults do not end here, many experts believe that serious and violent crimes such as thefts, rapes, murders are also the result of constant hammering of violent scenes on the human mind. Many people reach a stage where they feel that violence is justified and they are not doing anything wrong by indulging in it to get what they want in life. Domestic violence is another ill-effect.

Are u worry of menopause

A lot of women within their 40’s or early 40’s start worrying about menopause , What exactly is really occur to women if they’re menopause

Some Womenmay go through the misery of menopausal flashes and mood shifts while you enter menopause, one factor you cannot blame around the “change” is loss of memory.

Within the latest study weight loss hypnotist that exonerates menopause as a contributing factor to hampering a chance to recall, Taiwanese scientists in comparison the memory of 100s of ladies before they’d any menopause signs and symptoms for their memory because they joined menopause.

They found the ladies who have been studying the menopause process obtained too or nearly too on five different cognitive function tests. Outcomes of the research should be presented March. 4 in the American Nerve Association annual meeting in Toronto.

As you can experience the misery of menopausal flashes and mood shifts while you enter menopause, one factor you cannot blame around the “change” is loss of memory.

Try the minute relief of menopause signs and symptoms

Natural Menopause relief does helps

Get instant respite from menozac for natural menopause relief.


is really a botanical alternative treatment formulation which consists of a mix of natural natural ingredients developed to alleviate the transition and supply effective Menopause Signs and symptoms Respite from the onset and amount of typical menopause signs and symptoms. Menozac continues to be developed like a natural alternative support product, developed using the best-known mixture of high-potency phytoestrogen botanicals that have a lengthy empirical good reputation for reducing menopause signs and symptoms, and supporting your body’s hormonal balance.

Use for fast Menopause Signs and symptoms Respite from signs and symptoms including:

Menopausal Flashes

Evening Sweats

Mood Shifts


Heart palpitations



Vaginal Dryness

Urinary Changes

Natural Menopause Signs and symptoms Relief versus. Hormone Alternative Therapy

Menopause is a natural event inside a woman’s reproductive existence. So why wouldn’t you address it naturally Hormone alternative therapy (HRT) may be the standard strategy to menopause among health care companies however there remains considerable debate concerning the benefits and risks connected with standard HRT drugs.

Within the last several decades, traditional medicine has treated menopausal flashes along with other menopause discomforts with oestrogen alternative therapy (ERT). But because ERT is contraindicated for ladies with past cancer, hormone alternative therapy (HRT), which combines oestrogen having a synthetic progesterone, is frequently used rather. However, many women don’t wish to go ahead and take potential elevated chance of cancer connected with ERT, or they dislike the cyclical bleeding


Cirque Du Soleil In Vegas And Cheap Tickets

Approximately 90 million people have experienced Cirque du Soleil around the globe. The show originated in 1984 when Canadian street performers began touring as a troupe. Although the word “circus” was often linked to their production, this wasn’t your typical Barnum and Bailey fare. With its theatrical bent and focus on the wildly creative, it was dubbed “noveau cirque” and shows like Saltimbanco opened in cities on every continent.

Typically, Cirque du Soleil productions travel the world carrying all of their staging with them. Their trailers pull into a city and like magic, tents are up and people are flocking to the show.

In Las Vegas, Nevada Cirque du Soleil has become somewhat of a phenomenon. Rather than pitching tents and travelling from venue to venue, Vegas creates custom venues to accommodate each show. There are currently an impressive seven Cirque shows housed in Vegas hotels and casinos, the largest collection of Cirque du Soleil troupes in any one city.

Although each Cirque show is unique, most follow a formula in that the performance originates from a story line. Wildly nimble stunt people play out roles just as actors might in a movie. The difference here is, performers may bend in half or fly over the audience without the help of CGI.

Each Cirque du Soleil show has a theme and a look all its own. Some critics say that if you’ve seen one Cirque show, you’ve seen them all. That opinion might come from the viewer’s inability to understand the underlying story of the individual shows.

The number of people who view Cirque shows are no doubt limited by the high cost of tickets. But what many people don’t know is that if you are spontaneous you can get show tickets at half the normal price. You have to be willing to see the show on the same day you buy tickets. Companies like Tix 4 Tonight and others, have booths situated all over Vegas. The booth in the Tuscany Casino on Flamingo, one block east of the strip, offers half-off box office prices in addition to as much as 50% off dinners. Google “Tix 4 Tonight” to see other locations. Tix 4 Tonight can get you into a long list of shows including the Cirque du Soleils.

Here is a list of the Cirque shows currently in Las Vegas, a short description, and where they are located.


Treasure Island – Costume designers must have been on drugs when they created costumes for Mystere. How else could the mere mortal mind conceive of such colorful and extravagantly entertaining costumes? Mystere focuses heavily on amazing acrobatics and athleticism. This is pure Cirque as it was originally intended.


The Bellagio – Like the French word “eau”, this show is all about water. One minute the pool is bottomless, the next only inches deep as a gasping audience watches a diver leap from the “big top” into the puddle below. Jaw dropping illusions


New York-New York – Very lavish costumes for a show so short on fabric. Explores sensuality in a cabaret-style production.


MGM Grand – May have one of the strongest stories in the Cirque collection. Jackie Chan to the nth degree through martial arts, and gravity-defying stunts.

Beatles Love

The Mirage – With original Beatle music as the backdrop, the evolution of the fab four is explored in a musical timeline. Photos of the group fill the venue on soft canvasses that magically disappear. Generous with whimsy and stunning visuals.

Criss Angel Believe

The Luxor – A journey through the imagination of magic-maker Chris Angel known for his Mindfreak act.

Viva Elvis

Aria – A tribute to the life and music of Elvis. If you’re an Elvis fan, you’ll enjoy it, although some songs are sung by stage performers instead of Elvis. If you care strictly for the Cirque aspects, this show bears the weakest Cirque Du Soleil imprint.


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Nikos Economopoulos – The Nightingale From Patras

Nikos Economopoulos

It was a lucky catch: one day, while rambling through the YouTube videos and being disappointed with everything, I decided to check out a mix, made of many Greek songs sung by various singers. It was not bad, but still I did not feel any great satisfaction until suddenly the sound of a voice I would not even dream to find emerged. Believe me – I was really happy! And I was two times lucky, because the owner of the video carefully included all the names of the singers featured on the video. So, it turned out, the voice belonged to Nikos Economopoulos (through Google more often it could be found with a different spelling – Oikonomopoulos, because of the direct Romanization of Greek letters.) Well, it was totally new name for me.

I had previously visited Greece several times and already knew some singers and, besides we Russians, in general, have some idea about and appreciate Greek music. I went to YouTube search and in a minute found his portrait: “Wow! Nikos is a handsome blond guy! It is already a good reason to start listening to the song” and with those thoughts I clicked on “This Star” (Afto to asteri)video. Again – “Wow!” Then – a few more tracks…So, after “My Eyes” (Matia mou)I became a complete and untreatable fan of Nikos Economopoulos

I was eager to ask the opinions of others and I started to show his songs to some of my friends and students. Reactions were along the lines of: “This voice I could listen to the whole day long” or “I can’t believe to what I am going to say, but this is the best singer at least in Europe!”… “Opa!” – As my Greek friends say, or even – “Eureka!” if we remember Archimedes. Starting from the middle of July 2009 I checked Niko’s videos daily and never was disappointed, with his live recordings being especially impressive. In every video clip I was heard and saw confirmations of what I found in him straightaway: an unusually beautiful voice, a very exact pitch and an outstanding charisma.

Nikos Economopoulos was born and spent his first 17 years of life in Patras, the town in the north of the Peloponnese, dubbed as “The Gates to the West”. Patras has strong historical connections to Italy and France and obtained fame as a city of a distinctive culture and tremendous carnivals, which could compete with those of Venice. Patras’ slightly bohemian life style and big concentration of musicians and artists brought out another name for the town: “Little Paris”. So, even while being involved from the very early years in his family’s fishery business, Nikos was soon influenced by the unique musical atmosphere of his hometown. Here, in Patras, are the roots of his singing style and persona.

Another positive feature of Patras’ culture is that ordinary people, who knew Nikos, were able to recognize in him a big talent. As a result, the owner of a pizzeria, where the hard-working boy was employed, has found some musical professionals to develop his natural gift. This was a beginning of Niko’s career.

As a young and still unknown singer, Nikos was performing around Greece until finally, at the age of 22 he entered and won a TV contest “Dream Show 2,” in December 2006. His perfect interpretation of the hit of one of Greece’s most beloved singers Paschalis Terzis “I Asked my Eyes”(Rotisa ta matia mou)was a real triumph. As a result, Nikos was signed with Sony Music (Greece) and in 2007 his first single “My Eyes” and an album “First Love” were released. In 2008 Sony invested into a second album “I Heard” and it became Gold.

At the very beginning of 2010 (3rd of January) the new CD “Katathesi Psychis” (in my free translation – “An Offering from the Soul”) was issued as a promotional release, which was sold together with the weekly newspaper “Sunday Espresso”. The global financial crisis has seriously affected the music industry, which was already in a shaky position long before it – and not only in Greece. So, no wonder that sometimes CDs in Greece may be released primarily for the promotion of an artist and live performances become the main source of a singer’s income. Nikos Economopoulos has been doing live performances for all the years he is in music.

But it is not just money that the performances are bringing to an artist. The precious experience of work with other, already well-known musicians (for Nikos these were Anna Vissi, Nikos Makropoulos and Stamatis Gonidis) and public applause are the most important things in a singer’s life. Nikos is no different. In his interviews the young star always accentuates it, saying that it is not money, but that live performances and the warm reactions of people that make him happy.

The fact that such a huge figure in Greek music as Giannis Parios started helping Nikos can be described as a blessing from the heavens. The moment at which the bigger public started to associate Nikos Economopoulos with Parios occurred during the popular TV programme “Stin Eigia Mas!” (“To Our Health!”) of 17 October 2009. Giannis was a guest on the show and Nikos was honoured to sing a couple of old Parios’ hits. A very successful interpretation of “Lipisu me” (Have Pity on Me) by the young singer, attracted to him more attention from a lot of people in Greece and even abroad, including those of 40-50 years old or more.

Following that live TV appearance, further performances together with Parios at the very popular night club “Fever’ made the picture complete: a most respected figure in Greek music scene obviously was pointing out to the world: “Look at him – he is the one!” With great appreciation and respect, Nikos calls Giannis “father” meaning Parios’ role in his artistic life.

So, my very short biographical writings were done just to make it easier to shed some light on the main goal of my essay, in other words – to find out which qualities of Nikos Economopoulos earmark his as a singer with a big future and, maybe, to identify his emerging style.

At this point I can restrain myself no longer from describing the precious instrument given by God to the young Patras native. Let me now concentrate attention on some qualities of the voice belonging to Nikos Economopoulos!

First of all, his sound is very attractive with its tremendous sensuality; just like a voice of an old Italian master’s cello or violin. We, musicians, call this quality an overtonal timbre. Amazing is that this beauty spreads through the whole range of Niko’s voice – from the bottom till the top. Each note he sings is well supported, that’s why the sound is extremely even and reliable as that of a luxurious expensive instrument. Niko’s voice perfectly resonates in his mask (a “carnival mask covered” area in the singer’s face, which has the resonating cameras) and this feature gives us a feeling of easiness while we listen. His vibratos of various kinds are naturally well controlled. All the registers in his voice appear with the most desirable qualities: the lower is velvety and strong, the middle is clear and noble and the top is dramatically bright. In opera the kind of this singer’s voice would be called tenor “spinto” (combined lyric and dramatic), but the pop style of singing lets Nikos go lower, to the baritone range. Not necessary the highest, but the most versatile voice! Amazing that all these privileges of his voice are always there, even while Nikos is moving on the stage! But he knows perfectly well how to move and not to lose the quality of his vocal performance.

I feel obliged to describe how important is the exactness of his pitch, because this is another secret to the attractiveness of Niko’s singing. I checked dozens of his live videos and every time experienced almost a soccer fan’s excitement, willing him to never to lose pitch. And Nikos was always perfect. This is a real joy for people like me: I start getting sea-sick with the slightest signs of out- of -tune singing. That’s why I feel very insecure listening to a new singer, being scared of developing this unpleasant feeling. With Niko on stage any demanding expert should feel fine and relaxed. He is giving to the public exactly what is supposed to be sung, without being disturbing listener’s ears with so-called “neighbour notes”.

As a stage artist Nikos Economopoulos doesn’t need to do much to impress. His exceptionally attractive looks naturally make him the centre of attention without any extra efforts from him.. Imagine, please, blue-eyed dark blond (at least for now!) Apollo, dressed with a smart yet sophisticated and relaxed sense of understatement. And I say all this without any exaggeration, in fact in total seriousness. The inner sense of ease and comfort with himself and the happiness with what he is doing reflect in each gesture or step while Nikos is performing. He is not pretending and is not trying hard to keep the public amused, he knows that his work on stage is impressive enough not to be bothered with over-playing. At the same time being a real Greek artist, Nikos generously involves his public in the performance process and creates an atmosphere of a big party during his concerts.

So, we are smoothly drifting with our observations towards the most desirable by readers and most dangerous for the writer’s part of our essay – we need to catch and nail a capricious butterfly called “style”.

Niko’s repertoire covers a few genres of songs within one big trend in Greek music – laika (specific Greek folk pop music). In trying to categorise his songs into different groups and classes I finally found my self buried under the big mountain of music, performed by not only Nikos Economopoulos but other Greek singers as well! To save myself and readers cheap winstar tickets of this article from the flood of information I took a decision not to compare Nikos to anybody and to avoid topics regarding any system in his repertoire. I will just try to describe the unique features of his style by analyzing some live as well as some recorded performances of a few selected songs.

Let’s take as a first example one of his most popular songs – “This Star” (Afto to Asteri)from the first album of the singer.

This pop laiko style piece has a very attractive tune, made of down words going passages, which consist of the shorter down words going motives. So, in the melody itself there is an illusion of the sparkling waves, created by a composer Panos Kapiris. Instrumentation has prominent bouzouki lines above the rhythmical section. Niko’s voice in this piece reflects the tune shape by creating the effect of inner sparkles within, at the same time echoing bouzouki sound. How is it possible? The secret is that in the choruses of this song our singer adds tiny vibratos to some notes in an excellent proportion, which lets his sound to be generally smooth while still having some flashes of a “fire” inside.

As a contrasting sample to the previous one piece we can take, let’s say, “Akousa”. The title song from the second CD, “Akousa”(I Heard) is written jointly by Alexandros Chrisovergis and Spiros Giatras in the zeimbekiko (Greek man’s dance) genre. One of the features of a zeimbekiko is an alternation of shorter and longer phrases in the vocal line, which creates an additional rhythmical spring. Niko’s voice demonstrates some metal in this song, but at the same time retains an overtonal timbre and above-mentioned sparkles. He doesn’t let his long notes be ornamented and does not add any extra vibratos to them, but uses those arabesques for the shorter motives. The result is that the song brings out a lot of energy as well as an overwhelming beauty of the tone of his voice.

A lyrical ballad “My Fault” (Ftaio) has a very provocative tune, full of dangerously sentimental turns in it. I think, what Nikos is doing with this song shows a great taste in his performance, which is a very rare feature for a young singer. By singing with the best vocal quality, Nikos doesn’t use any speech-like or sobbing effects, because the song itself has a lot of drama inside and it doesn’t need any extra effects to be added. As a result we have a perfect interpretation of what was written by the composer, an amazing fusion of both technique and emotion, the real musical masterpiece.

In the song “And Don’t Come Back” (Kai mi girizis) – the last one from the same album – I would like to turn the listener’s attention to the sound of the longer notes Nikos is creating. Long lasting, very even and strongly supported, those notes in his voice are challenging the clarinet solos in the orchestra with their rich cello/violin like nature.

Another remarkable thing in Niko’s song interpretation is his very clear articulation, which does not affect the vocal cantilena at all. The great Enrico Caruso was letting beginners to sometimes sacrifice articulation in order to achieve the good sound as a priority. In Nikos Economopoulos’ case everything works perfectly. The song “I Would Like to Be” (Thelo na me)from the third album has a big impact on the listeners with its words by the gifted poet Vangelis Karatzanos. The singer’s voice drifts here along with the tune, imperceptibly transferring from the speech-like beginnings of the verses to the cantilena choruses, always giving the priority to the poetry. His precise work with each word is unfolding a deeper meaning of this simple-at-first-sight song.

While speaking of Niko’s unique cantilena, I have to mention this in the context of his performance of “The Absolute” (Apolito). This great piece composed by Alexandros Chrisovergis and Spiros Giatras should soon become recognized as one of the world’s famous love songs. And at the same time Nikos should be named as one of its creators, because besides the refined lyrical poetry and a beautifully-shaped tune, the charms of his voice and his interpretation transform this song into a big event in the contemporary pop music. Here again, as in the previous example, the singer combines his ability to work with low register speech-like motives and huge breath-taking cantilena waves. For the first ones he uses his tiny ornaments, which sound extremely sensual in the low range; for his big breath-demanding waves Nikos just gives what he has in his voice – a million golden sparkles for each note, this is the way his overtones work, bringing out the effect of a shimmering light within the sound.

The last sample I will take is from the Nikos Economopoulos and Christos Papadopoulos collaboration. The song “On the Roads Where You Wander” (Stous dromous pou girnas) has not yet been included in an album, but became popular because of the Cyprus TV soap opera “Dangerous Zone”. Here, same as in another Papadopuolos song “One Soul Said to Me” (Mou ipe mia psychi) Nikos sings permanently on the border of his middle and high range and it is a very hard technical task for any singer. In this range Niko’s voice sounds in its most subtle way, gently and smoothly, exactly as oriental violin which Papadopoulos likes to include in his instrumentation. No extra vibrato is used here, but just an exquisite performance of the existing in-the-tune ornaments.

Now, I guess, it is a time to stop with my descriptions and to look on what we can cast as original features of Nikos Economopoulos’ style. It doesn’t seem very hard to conclude that any genre of laika songs he is working with (Nikos is positioning himself clearly in his interviews as a laika singer) has a quality which is always there: the perfect sound of the voice is the main priority of everything he is doing. And this sound is very emotionally coloured, exactly tuned, extremely well supported and it works well together with the articulation of the words. A beautiful voice, when it’s positioned above everything else, in classical music has a title “bel canto”. Nikos Economopoulos has got a talent big enough to make it possible for him to be judged as equal to the famous opera stars and so I am giving my verdict by calling his style “bel canto laikos”. This combination of Greek and Italian words in the phrase brings me back to Niko’s biography and I see in him a new “Gates to the West” as his native Patras has always been. I strongly believe that Nikos Economopoulos is a singer born to make Greek music more and more popular around the world!

List of the authorsof the songs , mentioned in the article:

“Akousa” and “Apolyto”: Aleksandros Chrisovergis- Spiros Giatras; “Afto to asteri”: Panos Kapiris – Angelos Panaiologou “Thelo na mai” : Dimitris Ananstasopoulos/Christos papadopoulos – Vangelis Karatzanos “Kai me gyrisis”: Nikos Papadopoulos – Nikos Vazavanelis “Matia mou” : Panagiotis Brakoulias – Nikos Vazavanelis “Mou ipe mia psychi”; Christos papadopoulos – Eleni Giannatsoulia “Lipisou me”: Giannis Parios – Pythagoras “Rotisa ta matia mou” : Giannis Karalis “Sous dromous pou gyrnas” : Christos Papadopoulos – Christalla Koulermo

Lucy Vaganova B(Music) Hons Auckland (NZ) Diploma Novosibirsk Conservatoire (Russia)

I am very grateful for support of my friends Eirini Renata Eousebi(Greece) for providing me with info, videos and CDs and checking my Greek, Theo Simeonidis (New Zealand) for helping with translations and editing, Hristina Andreeva (Bulgaria) for keeping me updated with photos. Thank you, Patra residents (especially Gwgw and Sotiris) for bringing to New Zealand an atmosphere of your home town!

By: Lucy Vaganova

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com


Factors Causing of Heart Diseases: Are You At Risk?

Coronary heart disease are one of the primary causes health-related death today. This health issue is caused by many factors, such as a blocked blood vessel, the weakening of the muscles in the heart as well as the weight and health of a person. Having a healthy lifestyle can help decrease the chances of heart diseases.

Picture of a heart attack

Factors that determine the risk of heart disease:

Fatty Foods

Increasing Blood Pressure

Stress and Tension

Lack of Healthy Foods



Lack of Exercise


Unhealthy Foods

Picture of a prosperity burger

This one’s rather obvious, as fatty and oily foods definitely are not healthy if they are not properly consumed. Fatty meats and full-fat dairy products such as butter and cream are high in saturated fats which raise blood cholesterol levels. However, do note that not all fats are bad.

Fats are generally divided into two classes, saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats is the ‘bad’ ones. They tend to solidify when exposed to cold or room temperatures. If you’ve ever made a chicken soup, for example, the saturated fat is the one that turns white and hardens at the top of the soup if you’ve left it out in the open.

Unsaturated fats, meanwhile, is the ‘good’ one. They are available in sea products like salmon or pomfrets. The primary fatty acids from fish is called Omega-3, also available inside egges, though at a much lower content. It is this type of fat, the unsaturated ones, that are healthy because the come from good sources of natural food.

Achieve a healthy balance by reducing saturated fats and increasing unsaturated ones, as fats are still important in a human’s daily nutrient intake.

Increasing Blood Pressure

Widely known as the ‘silent killer’ due to the difficulties of detecting symptoms, high blood pressure are caused primarily by two factors, ageing where the muscles controlling the width of the blood vessel lose their strength, meaning more constricted blood flow over time. Another reason is caused by a high fat intakes. Cholesterols resulting from such intakes can slowly build up along blood vessels and can block them if steps are not taken to properly manage it.

There is little doubt that good nutrient intakes and healthy childhood growth helps to prevent high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. Even during middle age where the ageing process tend to increase blood pressure, having an unhealthy diet is still bad as blood pressure are sensitve to fluctuations caused by such diets.

Regular exercises should help, however, do note those who already shows signs of high blood pressure indicated by repeated medical checkups should not perform rigorous fitness routine as it increases their risk of having heart attacks.

Slow exercises, relaxing and reducing stress levels can be highly effective in managing hypertension.

Stress and Tension

Pressures caused by unnatural sources, especially due to living in a modern society can be highly damaging to the heart. Stresses not only increases risks of having hypertension, they also put unnecessary tension on the heart. Whenever one is stressed, the heart tends to work harder, yet at the same time one is hardly in an active state such as jogging. 

Futhermore, some modern habits of watching TV or staying in the house all day is not healthy especially if such periods of inactivity involves junk foods and improper diet management.

Reduce the risk by having a smart plan to manage stress. There are many ways to do so, and even then, staying in a stressed environment would not do much good no matter how smart are the steps taken to control it. Leave your career for a less stressful one if you are not comfortable with the tension level.

Lack of Healthy Foods

Yes, this have been pointed out in countless health journal and fitness article. And that is because it really works. Many processed food nowadays are unhealthy. Such foods are definitely tasty, but they are filled with oils and fats. Fats definitely make food tasty as they give it a smooth creamy texture as well as having compounds that produce flavour and smell.

However that is the only redeeming quality of modern foods. They are made to be tasty because tasty foods are best sellers and ensure commercial success for companies involved – even if they are really bad for physical health.

Healthy foods need not be bland and tasteless. For example, try adding a slice of plum into a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It can create a healthy yet tasty treat. Try mixing veggies and fruits with snacks to make a good and nutritious combo.


Contrary to popular belief, diabetes does not affect only overweight people. Diabetes is actually caused by an uncontrollable amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a form of sugar carried by the bloodstream to supply energy to cells inside the body. Eating foods with high carbohydrate content such as those with sugar, or starchy foods like white bread has the unhealthy potential to increase the amount of glucose inside the body.

An organ called the pancreas produces hormones called insulin – these are the ones that regulate the amount of glucose inside the blood. Diabetes is a disease resulting from a decreased insulin production caused by a damaged pancreas. This is why even people with normal does hypnosis really work to stop smoking weight can contract diabetes.

Common symptoms and indicators of diabetes is excessive thirst even without performing exercise, constant need to urinate to get rid of glucose, problems with eyesight and if left untreated, diabetes can also result in a coma, where there is a critical lack of glucose inside the blood stream.


So there is one more reason to stop smoking and consuming alcohol – it is a major contributor to heart diseases. Cigarette smokers face a greatly increased risk of heart disease as well as countless other problems. Furthermore, a smokers’ life is plagued with discomforts, such as indigestion. the painful sensation felt in the abdominal area. So the best advice is to really stop smoking completely. This is easier said than done, though, so a slight diet change may help with the craving. The main sources of addiction inside cigarette is the chemical nicotine. Normally, nicotine is expelled from the kidney, but there are ways to increase the rate at which nicotine is expelled.

For a couple of days, try to increase the amount of alkaline into your diet. Reduce all sources of protein, such as eggs, cereals and all kinds of meat because protein is acidic. In return, increase consumption of milk and other dairy products such as cheese. Other sources of food containing alkaline such fruits and vegetables also help as they contain magnesium and potassiumk, which are alkalic in nature.

And yes, try to stop smoking while practicing this diet, or replace the craving using nicotine patches, which are definitely less harmful.

Lack of Exercise

Alright, in today’s society, especially those living in a bustling city, exercise may not be easy to perform, especially on the outdoors, as the air are filled with many dangerous smokes and particles expelled by vehicle engines.

Nevertheless, fitness is an important part of daily life. Clicking this link will lead to an article about ways to keep fit without any rigorous exercises and gym fees.


Are you one of the high risk groups? What have you done to prevent heart disease? Tell it so everyone who is struggling from heart disease knows your efforts.


Top 7 Shopping Malls to visit in Las Vegas

By far the best mall to check out! I guarantee this mall is like nothing you have ever seen!! It has SEVERAL levels filled with stores to meet your every need! If you happen to shop the weekend you can even enjoy fashion shows that happen every hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

There is plenty of parking, whether it’s near an anchor store like Dillards or Nordstrom, or underground! If you are planning on shopping during the weekend, beware this mall does get crowded!

What I love most about Fashion Show Mall is that it contains a nice handful of high end stores as well as some affordable stores that we all love! It has the biggest Apple, Forever 21 department store, Victoria’s Secret, Express ( just treasure island las vegas to name a few ) in all of Las Vegas!

When you are done shopping and need a boost of energy to keep going, you can enjoy a vast selection of restaurants and a food court! There are 2 Starbucks locations, Jamba Juice, Coffee Bean, California Pizza Kitchen, Stripburger, Nordstrom Cafe, and several others just to name a few.

Fashion Show Mall -

3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Fashion Show, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

[get directions]

“lat”:36.127224,”lng”:-115.171555,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:”55021″,”lat”:36.127525,”lng”:-115.171501,”name”:”Fashion Show Mall”,”address”:”3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Fashion Show, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA”,”description”:””]


Positive & Inspiring News from Around the World

Opera helps visually impaired kids find their voice

Maya nut changes lives while aiding the rain forest

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Need For Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Source: ABC News

Bill Cosby had heard about the tough-as-nails and uncompromising man tackling fraud and improving education throughout the Detroit’s public schools, and wanted to help.

Movie stars help Titanic survivor

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‘Mindfulness’ meditation being used in hospitals and schools

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Surgeon heals patients and their violent ways

Church hands out cash in ‘faith stimulus': Alabama congregation asks that money be spent to help others

Julia Roberts Keeping Newman’s Dream Alive

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Need For Type 2 Diabetes Drugs las vegas paris hotel Turns out, I could. Here are some principles of better thinking that you can apply to get more from your mind, every day.

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Visitors to London always have to be on the look out for pickpockets, but now there’s another, more positive phenomenon on the loose — putpockets. Aware that people are suffering in the economic crisis, 20 former pickpockets have turned over a new leaf and are now trawling London’s tourist sites slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets.

Postal Kitty Gets New Owner, SWAK

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From P.S. 176X, kids with autism get joyful launch

Chain Results in 10 Kidney Swaps Among Strangers

10 ways to be a better thinker Source: CNN

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Before the latest social media revolution, Jessica Gottlieb would have probably watched helplessly when her kids, Jane and Alexander, were trapped on the tarmac, waiting for their Virgin America flight to take off. But that’s so 2008. When it happened to her recently, the Los Angeles-based blogger reached for her iPhone and twittered about her troubles. “Dear Virgin Air,” she wrote. “My children have been on the tarmac for one hour with 90 more minutes to wait. I am at JFK gate b25. Pls RT.”

Fla. boy, 11, walking to D.C. for homeless kids

George Ouellette may be retired after 40 years as a salesman, but he still works up to six or seven hours per day walking through parks, hillsides, along busy roads and even rummaging through garbage cans to collect cans and bottles to help create smiles for children in need. The 84-year-old collects enough cans and bottles to equal $250, reimbursable for five-cents each at the local recycling center, and then writes a check to Operation Smile for the full amount.

“Miracle in a Box” Helps Paraplegics Walk: WalkAide Sends Electrical Impulses to Lower Leg Nerves, Giving Its User Ability to Pick Up His or Her Foot Source: CBS News

Texting for a cause once again

Famed artist paints huge guitar for charity: 10-foot fiberglass ‘Miami Heat’ sculpture will be auctioned off

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Comic Bill Cosby Lends Support to Detroit Schools Source: Yahoo! News

Study: Night owls may benefit from evening strength

Just for surviving after two failed kidney transplants and living long beyond the prognosis of six months he was given at age 20, Shad Ireland was already a something of a walking improbability. The 37-year-old living with no working kidneys has taken his status as a medical marvel much further, though, performing physical feats most normally healthy people wouldn’t even dream of, despite spending most of his life on dialysis.

Animals Shown to “Dance” to Music: Scientists Determine Birds and Maybe Elephants Feel the Beat; But Not Dogs, Cats or Chimps

Archaeologists find graveyard of sunken Roman ships

Atlanta Man Gives Habitat for Humanity a $100 Million Gift

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A new device is changing the lives of thousands of Americans who have lost the ability to walk. The WalkAide is about the size of an iPod and uses technology similar to what makes a Wii videogame work. It sends electrical impulses to the nerves and muscles of the lower leg, enabling its user to pick up his or her foot. The WalkAide can restore mobility for people with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injuries, according to “Early Show” correspondent Dr. Debbye Turner Bell.

“Putpockets” Give a Little Extra Cash Source: Reuters

Could I teach myself to make better choices? And what about the other things the brain is responsible for — creativity, willpower, deduction? Could I make my brain do more than it was already doing? Turns out, I could. Here are some principles of better thinking that you can apply to get more from your mind, every day.

Manicurist sells house, car to build school

Horse program reaching out to injured veterans

‘Spiderman’ Saves Autistic Child in Thailand

Defying Dialysis, Man Bikes Across Country Source: ABC News

White Sox’s Buehrle tosses 18th perfect game in history

Gates Foundation Gives China $33 Million to Fight Tuberculosis

Scientist Say Blue Whales Returning to Alaska Waters, Likely Establishing Old Migration Route

Music as medicine: Docs use tunes as treatment — Researchers explore how melodies can help regulate heart, boost hormones

D.C.-based program prepares youth to become triathletes

MacArthur annual grants go to 9 nonprofits: Chicago organization that runs car-sharing service among winners

Cut your Family’s Bills with these Easy Ways Source: CNN

17 years after divorce, a kidney reunited them: After his ex-wife helped save his life, they fell back in love and remarried

Wal-Mart donates $423 million for fiscal year

Volunteer Collects 100,000 Cans to Raise 19 Smiles Source: Happynews.com

Mom’s Exercise Helps Baby’s Heart: Most Women Should Keep Active While Pregnant, Experts Say

So the 72-year-old actor, comedian and activist decided to loan the district his celebrity as Detroit tries to hold off plummeting enrollment amid a fiscal crisis that a few weeks ago spurred suggestions of a possible bankruptcy.

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The McDermotts are trying to insulate their family from an uncertain economy as much as possible — the only difference between them and most of us is in a few months their family will nearly double in size. As they await the birth of their twin boys, the McDermotts are looking for more money-saving ideas, and we’ve found some that you might want to consider too.

Every Chinese Village To Get Health Clinic

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6 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Smoother Travel Source: CNN

Healing A (Literally) Broken Heart

Off-duty officer becomes hero

Town hits economic jackpot to become ‘Kia-ville’

Wade gives jersey to disabled boy

More older Americans signing on to volunteer abroad

Rare Dolphins Found Near Bangladesh

The Best And Many Effective Quitting Smoking Treatment: The Afternoon I Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Good

Credit: smokenomore. This drug was most widely used as a recreational drug, and is also even for medical purposes like asthma and glaucoma. cutting down, laser therapy, acupuncture, patch, cold turkey, smokeless cigarettes, nicotine gum, tea tree oil chewing sticks, cough drops, etc. It’s actually quite common, and mostly harmless, but often it requires medical attention.

oAvoid coffee and stop smoking. It’s powerful stuff. These contaminants are comprised well over 4000 compounds seen in tobacco smoke. More Money – Quitting will provide you with extra money to spend on holidays, clothes, nights out and family luxuries etc.

The First Day: Within 20-30 minutes of the final cigarette, your blood pressure level and pulse rate will decrease by a significant extent and come back to normal. So, the contaminants sit there, unable to be transported away in the lungs. From my perspective, it was my body’s method of filling the ‘time slot’ or perhaps the ‘vacancy’ I created within my daily routine. I finally saw myself for that first time and dealt with emotions I had been suppressing for many years with all the aid of cigarettes.

So What Can You Think?. Particularly in the wedding you smoke a lot, you may think it is easier to decrease your cigarette consumption before quitting completely. When the thoughts are within this calm state, it becomes possible to ‘suggest’ something to the mind with all the motive of change.

*** NOTE*** If you might be looking for a better approach to quit smoking, I am now offering FREE stop smoking video lessons, just visit my website NicotineSolutions. Think of the positive effects it will evoke inside your body, the smile about the face of your spouse and family members, the good health of your child and several such things. Your family members may also be happy and your kids are also following your resolution and you have saved the money you can have spent on cigarettes. Think of the positive http://www.illuminavisual.com/?p=73 effects it’s going to evoke hypnotherapy to stop smoking inside your body, the smile around the face of your husband or wife and family members, the great health of your infant and many such things. In the wedding that counseling is of interest to you, consult along with your physician for any referral.

This is actually a good program that companies can take advantage of, as an original means of assuring employee loyalty and providing benefits that see for their security and well-being. I hope I can always succeed. If you’re still not smoking through the end of day one, buy yourself a candy bar. Here’s to a much better total well being plus a healthier you!.

Baseball games on “free” TV are increasingly rare

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Eric Chavez singles off San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Yusmeiro Petit in the ninth inning of their baseball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks Friday, Sept. 6, 2013, in San Francisco. AP Photo/Eric Risberg

As the Major League Baseball season gets underway, fans will find it increasingly difficult to watch their favorite teams on “free” broadcast television.

ESPN, which is owned by Walt Disney (DIS), plans to show 90 regular season games this year, up from 80 games last year, according to Ben Carfado, a spokesman for the sports network. Fox Sports expects to show as many as 52 games this year, compared with 26 last year. Forty of those will run on Fox Sports 1, an ESPN rival launched last year, and 12 on the Fox broadcast network, said Lou D’Ermilio, a spokesman, in an email.

“This season is the first year of a new contract that grants us cable rights we didn’t have before,” he wrote.

Play Video

CBS This Morning

MLB seeking to popularize baseball in Australia

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks will open Major League Baseball’s 2014 season in Sydney, Australia. CBS News’ Lee Cowan reports …

Fox will show the World Series and the All-Star game on its broadcast network.

Media companies are increasingly willing to pay steep prices for the rights to broadcast sports because it is one the few genres of programming that people watch live. ESPN, which has been a cash cow for years, agreed in 2012 to an eight-year, $5.6 billion deal with Major League Baseball that represented a 100 percent increase over its previous agreement. Fox, which is part of 21st Century Fox (FOX), and Time Warner’s (TWX) TBS network signed an 8-year, $12.5 billion agreement with MLB in 2012. That deal also represented a 100 percent increase over its older deal.

“Maintaining a national over-the-air presence remains a priority for Major League Baseball,” said MLB spokesman Matt Bourne in an email. “We are also pleased that the growth of national and regional cable networks has enabled MLB and its clubs to maximize the number of game telecasts that are made available to fans. The number of national and local game telecasts is at record levels.”

Comcast (CMCSA), which signed a 25-year, $2.5 billion broadcast rights deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, plans to offer at least 33 more games over Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, its regional sports network based in its hometown of Philadelphia. According to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer story, Comcast has asked other pay TV providers to pay an additional surcharge for the additional games, and has threatened to black out the broadcasts for companies that don’t pay.

“We are in negotiations with a remaining few and believe they recognize the value these additional games present to their customers,” according to a Comcast statement.

Many baseball analysts have predicted the team will have a terrible season so it remains to be seen if Phillies fans will tune in to see the additional games. Los Angeles Dodgers fans were able to watch 50 games on broadcast television last year which will now be shown on the team’s SportsLA cable channel. Unfortunately, DirecTV (DTV), Charter (CHTR) and Verizon are balking at carrying the channel, arguing that its fees are too high, according to Reuters. Time Warner Cable (TWC), which runs the channel for the team, signed a 25-year, $8.3 billion deal for the rights for Dodger games last year.

For clubs in major media markets such as New York and Los Angeles, broadcast rights fees make up a significant portion of their revenue, according to David Carter, executive director of the USC Marshall Sports Business Institute and a principal of the Sports Business Group.

“It would seem inevitable that all regular season games will be on pay TV in the not-too-distant future,” he wrote in an email. “The incremental and white sox tickets 2013 largely non-shared revenue that teams can generate from launching their own network — partnering with a distributor, like the Dodgers have done with Time Warner Cable, or simply entering into traditional regional cable deal — is simply too great to overlook. Of course, both MLB and its teams need to be mindful of how best to balance revenue generation with building its fan base, so it is unlikely that all the post season will be on cable TV.”

*Updates at 10:41 am Eastern time with background on the Los Angeles Dodgers

© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.

The Hypnosis Induction

Hypnotized By Handshake Confusion MethodMethods of enabling clients to access the hypnotic trance are known as hypnotic inductions. Different methods suit different people. Three of these methods include hypnotic induction through eye fixation, relaxation and the confusion method of inducing hypnotic trance.

Eye Fixation Hypnotic Induction

This is Ripley Hypnosis the type of hypnotic induction that most people associate with hypnosis. The ‘swinging watch’ seen in old Hollywood films that the subject is asked to follow with their eyes comes into this category. In the therapeutic context, it is unlikely that any therapist would use a watch in this way unless of course the client insisted.

More usually, the client is asked to maintain a fixed gaze on a spot on the wall, an object or a hand or finger held in front of the client’s eyes. The therapist will then make suggestions that the eyes are becoming tired and wanting to close. Continued fixation of the eyes on a hand, finger or pen wherever the therapist moves them, may also be suggested. The therapist may also bring the palm of his hand down in front of the client’s eyes whilst simultaneously suggesting the client close their eyes.

The eye fixation method is useful where the client, perhaps on a first visit, has an expectation that being hypnotized involves some kind of ritual. The act of fixing the gaze in this manner also causes tiredness in the eyes, creating a strong desire to close them when instructed. Through fixation, the client’s attention is absorbed quite quickly, shutting out extraneous noises and thoughts.

Once the eyes are closed, the therapist will continue to deepen the trance through suggestion. This is so that the trance state becomes established and to take the client to a level of trance suitable for doing therapeutic work.

The Relaxation Hypnotic Induction

Here the client is taken through a progressive relaxation process. Often, the client is guided through every part of the body starting at either the top of the head or the feet with a view to release any tensions. The client may be encouraged to pay particular attention to the muscles of the jaw and around the eyes and eyelids since these are areas where most people hold a lot of tension.

Sometimes a client is asked to imagine lying on a beach, or walking in the woods, with a mental picture painted using all the senses. A good hypnotherapist, however, will make notes during the initial consultation, noting where the client likes to relax or “visit” so that future sessions of guided imagery can be tailored to the client.

An even better method of establishing trance using this method involves making very non-directive suggestions for the client take himself to a place of relaxation. This gives the client complete leeway to create his own experience.

Confusion Method of Inducing Hypnotic Trance

The creation of mental confusion to induce the hypnotic trance is generally attributed to Milton Erickson. Here the therapist will intersperse his suggestions for going into hypnosis with instructions or ideas that do not make sense. Here is a short example: “whilst you are sitting there, your left hand may begin to feel lighter and lighter, whilst your right hand becomes heavier and heavier and as you feel your right hand becoming lighter so your left hand can continue to press down…”

Normally, one expects information to be logical. As the mind focuses more and more endeavouring to make sense of the information, the client will tend to go inside searching for understanding. Thus, the state of absorption is increased and the client readily moves into the hypnotic state.

Confusion can also be created through pattern interruption. A recognised pattern that is interrupted unexpectedly can cause sudden trance. The handshake is an example of a pattern with which most people are familiar. Erickson sometimes created this pattern interruption by removing his hand extremely slowly from his client’s. The unfamiliarity of the disengagement would create the desired confusion and trance state.

Many therapists include a degree of confusion when inducing hypnosis because it is so effective. A hypnotic induction that comprises a high degree of confusion is often used with clients who are very analytical.

The Art of Hypnotizing

There are other ways to hypnotize. In practice, an experienced hypnotherapist will take these methods and create something that is unique for the client. This is the most successful way to induce trance.


Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques, C. Roy Hunter.

Zeig, Tucker & Co. The Legacy of Milton Erickson: Selected Papers of Stephen Gilligan, Stephen G. Gilligan.


How to Watch Baseball Online

There is an old saying that watching a baseball game on television is the best seat in the house. However, that may be changing. You may have the best seat in the house when you watch baseball online. Within the last several years it has become possible to watch every single baseball game played online, on demand on your couch. You can even watch up to four games simultaneously. And you can watch baseball online all season for less than the price of taking a family of four to one live baseball game.

There are several ways to watch baseball online, and a couple of them are even free. But, probably the best way is with a subscription to MLB.TV. For the 2010 season, the premium package costs $119.99 or $24.95 per month.

Things You Will Need

High-speed InternetStep 1

Subscribe to MLB.tv. Go the the MLB.TV website, and choose a programming package. The basic package lets you watch HD quality games, in-game highlights, and complete game my mets tickets archives. The premium package also gives you the ability to choose the home or road television feed, DVR controls and the ability to watch up to four games at once. An audio package is also available for 19.95 per season which allows you to listen to every game.

Step 2

Watch out-of-market games live with MLB.TV. The one catch is teams in your local area may have their games blacked out. While you cannot watch these baseball games online live, they are available in the archive after the game ends.
Step 3

Watch baseball online with ESPN 3. ESPN3 is a live online sports programming network which often shows baseball games. ESPN 3 is available through participating high-speed Internet providers. Contact your Internet service provider to find out if you are able to access ESPN 3. ESPN 3 is also provided for free on college campuses and military bases.
Step 4

Watch baseball online for free with TVU Networks and TV Ants. These two programs are free to download. These programs do not provide you with some of the benefits of MLB.TV, such as HD quality broadcasts or the ability to watch multiple games at once. You get what you pay for, and sometimes you even get a little something for free.
Step 5

Upgrade your Internet access, if necessary, to watch baseball online. These services require at least a 1 megabit connection, with 1.5 megabits recommended for HD quality baseball.

Tips & Warnings



Obtaining Free Dominos Vouchers And Coupons

Earlier this season Domino’s launched a new ad campaign introducing their new and allegedly improved recipe. In countries where pizza serves since the main entre, eating pizza is merely but a section of their daily routine. If you like cheese, then this is your item. Dominos coupons tend to give free gifts, attractive discounts and other types of beneficial combos for customers. Dominos Pizza, the experts of home delivery and the market leader inside the organized pizza segment dominos discount codes uk in India, introduces its new amazingly delicious, indulgently cheesy and irresistible pizza- Cheesy Boloroni.

Buffalo Wild Wings phone number and menu: Chicken wings are top Super Bowl food. Since 1973, Domino’s Pizza guaranteed 30-minute deliveries. You may go immediately to this website and will find loads of coupons that are positive to enable you to get any sort of pizza or meal that you simply can imagine. You and I can save even much more funds by using coupons for Dominos Pizza.

Whether you want delivery or you elect to go pick your pizza, check out these deals from Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Cici’s Pizza, and California Pizza Kitchen. The cheese content articles are more than most, along with a mozzarella/3-cheese blend is satisfying and flavorful. Emulsifiers produced from wheat are often accustomed to thicken sauces or add texture to processed meats, making these ingredients unsafe for gluten-sensitive consumers. Chrysler refuses: NHTSA obtain vehicle recall.

Dominos Pizza owners, no matter in which they’re located can right away offer discounts to and communicate with consumers by giving printable on-line Dominos Pizza coupons. I could even change the quantity of the topping to my liking. From the original recipes of the Monaghan brother who originally owned this international pizza chain, many other exciting and mouth watering recipes came about. We can order different sandwiches and mouth watering pasta together with combinations of Pizzas.

I jokingly yelled at my screen, “Way to go, Jarred! Get those subs in there! I’m hungry!” I turned my attention away from your Pizza Tracker for several minutes and completely missed the boxing of my order. Since 1973, Domino’s Pizza guaranteed 30-minute deliveries. There is a separate tab for these coupons or vouchers which lists the latest ones which are becoming offered. This causes it to be simple for clients to decide on precisely what they need and increase the risk for most of the ready vouchers, which differ as per area. company is performing and just how much of its products or services are being.

When you understand which voucher you’re setting off to utilize, basically drop within the code throughout your checkout. Also, by offering these vouchers, Dominos continues to be able to maintain its brand loyalty because a great deal of pizza chains have sprung up recently which offer pizza at highly competitive rates. Desserts and Drinks.

Best Super Bowl desserts: Death by Chocolate, Snickers Brownies, S’mores Bars, more. However, dominos vouchers can be also obtained from their website. If you often discard your pizza crust, these breadsticks aren’t for you. Le voyage se poursuit.